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Engaging the Community

Foxcroft's STEM program is tailored to our student's interests and learning styles. But did you know we also host events open to the community? Whether solving the mystery of who stole Suzie Foxcroft's identity at The STEM Challenge or learning computer programming in an innovative, hands-on way, eager participants have benefitted from the expertise within our STEM Department and the partnerships we have formed with outside organizations.

Learn more about STEM events at Foxcroft — we hope to see you soon at an upcoming event!

— Kristine Varney, Director of STEM Education

“By introducing girls to the exciting, challenging, and (yes!) fun side of STEM, we hope to help all girls reach their full potential, whether they decide to pursue STEM in the future or not.”
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  • Computer Programming & Coding Event

    Hosted by Foxcroft's STEM and Admission Departments, our fall computer coding event is an opportunity for middle school girls in the area to get a hands-on lesson in computer programming. With knowledgable STEM faculty leading the workshop and Foxcroft's own students offering help along the way, girls will learn the ins and outs of computers and computer programming. Learning a new skill on the computer has never been more fun!
  • The STEM Challenge

    The STEM Challenge is a girls-only, hands-on STEM competition that brings middle and high school students to Foxcroft for a day of challenging problem-solving. Hosted by Foxcroft's STEM Department, the competition draws nearly 200 students annually from area schools.

“STEM Presents” Speaker Series

Stimulating and fun activities and seminars with professionals from a variety of STEM fields provide our students with important role models and expose them to exciting college and career opportunities.

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Upcoming STEM Events

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  • STEM Challenge 2020: "Galaxy Trek"

    STEM Challenge 2020: "Galaxy Trek"

  • Emma L. ’20 and Larisa B. ’20 show off the fabulous shirts designed by Teagan S. ’21.

    Expedition K2M: The STEM Summit 2019

  • At Saturday's Expedition K2M: The STEM Summit, teams in the high school and middle school competitions vied for the stunning trophies designed and made by sophomore Kenzie G. in The Innovation Lab.

    Expedition K2M: The STEM Summit 2018

  • Last Saturday, the Athletic/Student center welcomed almost 200 high school and middle school girls for the sixth annual Expedition K2M: The STEM Summit.

    Expedition K2M: The STEM Summit 2017


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  • Come See What's Happening at Foxcroft!

    In addition to our STEM events, Foxcroft often hosts:
    • Movie screenings
    • Special guest speakers
    • Concerts and performances
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    Community Engagement Opportunities
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