Anne Kane McGuire ’52 Award for Distinguished Service

The ANNE KANE McGUIRE AWARD FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE was established by Foxcroft’s Board of Trustees in 1984 to honor a member of the Class of 1952 who had led the Board, and the School, through some particularly difficult times in the previous decade. The award is the highest honor given by the trustees and is reserved for those who demonstrate the highest standards of dedication, integrity, and service to the School.


Award Recipients

List of 34 items.

  • 1984 Anne Kane McGuire '52

  • 1985 Barbara Childs Lawrence '30

  • 1986 Mary Custis Lee deButts '18

  • 1987 Eleanor Schley Todd '29

  • 1988 Mary Chalmers Hemmenway

  • 1989 Duncan Read

  • 1991 Henry Gerry

  • 1992 Elizabeth Millard Hanes '46

  • 1993 Thomas J. Carroll

  • 1994 Carl L. Yeckel

  • 1995 Elizabeth K. Lamond

  • 1996 Nancy Redmond Manierre '41

  • 1998 Mae Cadwalader Hollenback '41

  • 1999 Suzanne Kuser '49

  • 2000 Ann P. Leibrick

  • 2001 Jean Ellen duPont Shehan

  • 2003 Dorothy Reynolds Brotherton '70

  • 2003 Sally Bartholomay Downey '78

  • 2004 Keith Malcolm McBride

  • 2006 Gary R. Welke

  • 2006 Stacey Morse Ahner '73

  • 2007 Celeste P. Bergan

    Good teachers, really good teachers are rare; master teachers are few at best, a phenomenal teacher is a gift. Celeste Bergan is a treasure!
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  • 2007 Paul K. Bergan

    In May 1953, two men became the first in history to climb to the top of Mt. Everest: Edmund Hillary, a New Zealand beekeeper and explorer, and his Sherpa guide from Nepal, Tenzing Norgay. They reached the summit together and attained instant international fame.
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  • 2008 Mary Louise Leipheimer

    Teaching is the highest form of understanding. – Aristotle

    In 1967, a country girl from Western Pennsylvania arrived at Foxcroft School to teach English. Mary Louise Leipheimer was new to girls’ schools and to boarding ding schools — and not sure about either. Expecting to stay two years, she has given Foxcroft, instead, more than 35 years of service, 20 (so far) as Head of School. 
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  • 2009 Alix Clark Diana '60

    A seasoned school professional, a paramedic, a volunteer par excellence, a leader of leaders, and a family woman, our New York-born “Clark” attended Chapin School. As a freshman, she matriculated at Foxcroft.
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  • 2010 Beatty Page Cramer '66

    A Foxcroft Board member for the past eleven years, a teacher, a mediator, a lawyer, a problem-solver, a volunteer, this New York girl came to Foxcroft in 1962, cheerful, outgoing, full of zip, and eager for action. During the ensuing four decades of shared history, Beatty Page Cramer’s lifetime commitment, sense of responsibility, and leadership skills have combined to create an amazing force on behalf of this school.
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  • 2010 Thomas D. Lane

    A Foxcroft Board Member for the past twelve years, a loving husband, father, grandfather, and honorary “Fox,” Thomas D. Lane was educated at the St. James School and Roanoke College. He married Susan Mastin, a Foxcroft graduate (Class of 1973), in 1978. They settled in Easton, Maryland, to raise their daughters Ali (Class of 1997) and Elizabeth (Class of 2000).
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  • 2011 Ellen (Nelly) Sheehan

    Service without ego, caring with no agenda, team play with enthusiasm, injury with “I’ll be back,” heart with an even playing field as its guide — all are retrospective images of a long and honorable tenure.
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  • 2011 Rebecca B. Gilmore

    A North Carolina girl born and bred, a daughter whose parents embraced service professions — teaching and nursing — a scholar worthy of both Duke University and of the University of Virginia, a wife who met her partner through crew and is still “rowing in tandem” more than a quarter of a century later, a mother with unconditional love and clear expectations, an educator with renaissance qualities, a skilled facilitator with an even, open mind, an ambassador par excellence, a colleague, and a friend to so many — all characterize Becky Gilmore. Yet her essence, her core, is, indeed, greater than the sum of her parts.
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  • 2012 Pickett Davis Randolph '56

    Coming from Baltimore with her legendary wide smile and her embracing manner, Pickett and Foxcroft began, in 1953, a lifetime relationship of shared values, hard work, joyous humor, and mutual respect.
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  • 2015 Ruth Thomas Bedford '32

    By chance, Ruth Thomas Bedford was born the year that Foxcroft School was founded. By design, she embraced and reflected the characteristics and values of the School from which she graduated in 1932. And by choice, she forever changed her alma mater with an act of love and generosity unmatched in the history of girls’ schools.
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  • 2017 Marco "Mick" W. Hellman

    Marco W. Hellman, or Mick, as we know him, began his Foxcroft journey nervously waiting in the Head of School's office. As we say in Morning Meeting, "No, he was not in trouble!"; he was there for his parent interview for his daughter Olivia's potential admission to Foxcroft as a member of the Class of 2005.
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  • 2018 Virginia Cretella Mars

    For nine years, Virginia Cretella Mars sat in Foxcroft Board meetings, quietly doing her needlepoint with her dog, Dolce, on her lap—and never missing a beat. A mother, grandmother, trustee, philanthropist, and loyal Fox, she and Foxcroft met in the spring of 1970 as her family was preparing to move back to the United States from France, and Ginnie, as she is known, was looking for schools for her daughters. Having only attended Dutch and French schools, Ginnie's eldest daughter, Victoria, spoke limited English—something not all Washington-area schools were prepared to support. Enter Foxcroft. Now our relationship with Ginnie and her family has spanned more than 45 years, through the graduation of daughters Victoria, in 1974, and Pamela, in 1978; niece Christa, in 1992; and granddaughters Bernadette and Charlotte, in 2003 and 2012, respectively.
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  • 2019 William “Bill” H. Weeks

    What do real estate, horses, insurance, cranberries, and Foxcroft have in common? William Howard Weeks, or Bill, as he is known to all of us. For the past 18 years, Foxcroft has been blessed to have Bill on its team. From that fortuitous day when his daughter Alexa came to visit the School — and Bill, rightly thinking the focus would be on her, yet came away feeling that he was actually the one being interviewed — to the successful completion of Foxcroft’s Centennial Campaign, Bill’s work, wisdom, and leadership have had a powerful impact on this School and its future.
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