College Counseling

College Counseling Overview

Find the right school for you!

– Barbara Conner, Director of College Counseling

“At Foxcroft, we do college counseling like we do everything — with the girl at the center of the conversation.”

Our Philosophy

At Foxcroft, the college selection process is:
  • All about matching you with the college that suits you best
  • An important journey in its own right, offering you an exciting opportunity to learn more about who you are and what you want
  • A partnership among students, parents, and the College Counseling Office, with you — the student — at the helm.
  • NOT your parents’ college selection process. College admissions is vastly different from a decade or even five years ago — and it's important to accept its unpredictability.
  • Less stressful and more successful when navigated with our “Five First-Choice Colleges” approach.

The Five First-Choice Colleges Approach

Director of College Counseling Barbara Conner’s Five First-Choice Colleges, an innovative system for creating your short list of schools to apply to, is met with professional acclaim and student success. By targeting five schools on your list, you’ll reduce stress and improve your college admission outcome.
Your Five First-Choice Colleges should:
  • Have a typical admitted pool that aligns with your current academic profile;
  • Match your academic/social/cultural setting goals;
  • Be a school that you’ve looked at from a financial perspective;
  • Be a school you’re excited about attending!
Read more about Ms. Conner’s Five First-Choice Colleges approach in the Spring 2015 issue of the Journal of College Admission.

Our Method

The Office of College Counseling is here to help guide you through the college admission process. Applying to college — and making that final decision — ultimately is in your hands. Here's how we can help. We offer:

A Comprehensive Program

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  • Highlights

    • Grade-appropriate activities beginning freshman year.
    • Weekly College Seminar classes during spring of junior year
    • “Parent College Program” for sophomores, juniors, and parents each spring.
    • Essay-writing workshops and advice from the admission deans for seniors
    • 100+ colleges and university admission representatives visit each year
    • Field trips to college fairs and special events
    • Opportunities to visit college campuses throughout the year
    • Frequent 1-on-1 meetings with the Director of College Counseling for students and parents.

Availability & Communication

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    • Meet early and often with our college counselor, whose phone and email lines are also always open.
    • The self-evaluation process we start with will lead to a list of schools that is exciting — and realistic.
    • Your life is busy! College Counseling keeps you informed of college representatives’ visits, testing schedules, and special events.

Student Advocacy & Support

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    • The Director of College Counseling knows each and every girl, and is her advocate!
    • Thanks to our small, intimate community, school and teacher recommendations come from people who really know and understand you.
    • The Director, who has years of experience and personal relationships with many admission offices, can contact the right person at individual colleges to advocate on behalf of specific students and discuss Foxcroft’s programs.
Director of College Counseling Barbara Conner has been featured in several publications. Her articles showcase her years of experience and unique “Five First-Choice Colleges” approach.

Upcoming College Counseling Events

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  • Aug

    Dedicated Time College Essay Writing for Seniors

    Required for seniors. Seniors, bring your laptops - you should have all copies of your college essays/drafts for this.
  • Aug

    Senior Essay Coach Meeting #1 Suggested by This Date

    Each senior has been assigned an Essay Coach. Your Essay Coach will guide and support you in writing your best college admission essays. It is suggested that each of you meet with your assigned Essay Coach at least three times this fall. Suggested first meeting by Friday, August 30th.
    Suggested second meeting by Friday, September 27th.
    Suggested third meeting by Friday, October 18th
  • Aug

    Seniors Should Confirm Request for Official Score Reports from ACT & SAT

    All seniors should confirm that they have requested official Score Reports from ACT/SAT.
  • Sep

    Senior Check-in Days

    Each senior is required to meet with her College Counselor for her Senior Check-In Day Meeting by Friday, October 4th. You will be assigned a meeting time, but if you want to meet in an earlier meeting time please stop by the College Counseling Office.

    These are individual appointments to review college list, fall college testing plan, applications, interview plan, NCAA, etc.
  • Sep

    College Essay Panel for Seniors

    An opportunity for seniors to hear from college admission officers from a variety of colleges about writing one's best application essay. Required for seniors.
  • Sep

    Senior Seminar Starts

    Senior Seminar is weekly required time in the College Counseling Office for every senior to work on her college applications. The Academic Office will provide you your Senior Seminar schedule.  A student is released after she has submitted all of her applications (and has received approval from her College Counselor).
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  • Barbara Conner 

    Director of College Counseling
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  • Laura Moan 

    Assistant Director of College Counseling
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  • Lauren Rice 

    College Counseling Program and Information Systems Coordinator
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