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All-Girls at Its Best

At Foxcroft, we show the world what an all-girls school can be.

Learn Without Hesitation.

College Prep Academics

We are girls intent on finding out. We become not only leaders, but fearless leaders on a lifelong quest for learning — one that doesn’t stop at college.

three students and a teacher do a science experiment

Run With Us.

An Active and Adventurous Life

Girls' hearts and minds seek adventure, and we see each minute as a chance to fill up on it.

a field hockey player moves the ball down the field edging around her opponent

Cross Our Hearts.

A Lifetime of Friendships and Global Connections

Girls desire connection, so we reclaimed girlhood: we braid each other’s hair, pen our pages with dreams, and race to the gazebo on “ready, set, go.”

spirited foxcroft students cheering in a crowd

Sing, Girls, Sing.

A Living and Learning Community of Understanding Hearts

The research shows: girls’ confidence grows when they are surrounded by people who know and value who they are.

a girl runs around the salad bar on her birthday with cheering classmates behind her

It’s Girl Country.

An Uncommonly Beautiful Campus

Some call it horse country. We call it girl country, the 500 acres we grow upon. We know our home intimately.

girls walk along a path in front of a foxcroft school building surrounded by trees

What makes Foxcroft stand out?

What is it like to be part of the community?

Irene M-D.

Class of 2026


Life at Foxcroft is full of little things that make me happy. Waving to everybody in the paths, brunch with my friends, bus trips for away games, croissants for breakfast, and Sing Sings — it all makes my day.

Esme D.

Class of 2027


Foxcroft teachers are always willing to step up and help you with projects, homework, or even things around the dorms. They help cultivate an extraordinarily welcoming and helpful community.

Elise L.

Class of 2026

three girls

I love to general on Big Track and canter across the grass — it feels so freeing and amazing. Riding is definitely one of the highlights of my day.

Camie D.

Class of 2024

If you come to Foxcroft, you will be welcomed by an inclusive community and you will find your friends. To me, my fellow classmates are like family and I know they have my back.

Betsy A.

Class of 2021 & Computer Science Major at the University of Virginia


The support I received at Foxcroft was really what made me so sure I would major in computer science. I had so much determination and passion for programming that there was no class that could scare me away. I attribute that attitude to Foxcroft!

Proudly. Boldly. Confidently.

Are you a Foxcroft Girl?

We are the Foxes. We are the Hounds. And together, we run.

Run With Us.