STEM Program

Compelling, hands-on, and relevant

— Kristine Varney, Director of STEM Education

“By fostering a growth mindset, we aim to help each girl understand that her mastery of STEM is based not on her innate ability but on her commitment and effort.”

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  • Curriculum

    Science: Physics first provides a firm foundation for Biology, Chemistry, and further study. Advanced Placement courses: Bio, Chem, Physics, Computer Science, and Environmental Science.

    Math: Choices that meet students’ differing needs are offered beginning with Algebra I. Electives include Probability and Statistics as well as AP Statistics and two levels of AP Calculus.

    STEM Curriculum
  • Tools & Equipment

    The Innovation Lab: High-tech hardware, including large-screen computers and a 3D printer

    STEM Lab: An extension of the Learning Center where STEM faculty provide services for students who need additional support in STEM.

    Bio Lab: Completely renovated in 2015, with state-of-the-art lab desks and two aeroponic gardens. “We’ve realized our vision of a welcoming, beautiful, and collegiate-style lab ... Most importantly, there has been an absolute transformation in the girls coming into this room.” — Biology teacher Meghen Tuttle, Ph.D. (Neuroscience)

    Technology: A suite of special software programs and laptops for data acquisition, analysis, and presentation — MicroLAB; LabView, ArcGIS, SolidWorks CAD, and AgentSheets, to name a few.

    Construction Space: Workbenches, basic tools, power tools and plenty of space for project design and construction

    Foxcroft was the first academic girls-only prep school in Virginia to become part of Purdue University’s EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service Learning) High Program — which is a prime example of how we make STEM subjects compelling for students, whether they think of themselves as being science/math-oriented or not.

    EPICS is a design-based service learning program through which student teams provide engineering solutions for local non-profits. Our “clients” include schools, therapeutic horseback riding centers, the humane society, and a history museum. Projects built range from an agility course for dogs, wheelchair-accessible picnic tables, and a grain bin to elegant podiums for the new conference room in Court.

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  • STEM Challenge

    A fun and stimulating girls-only competition in which teams of 3-4 solve real-world problems that draw on STEM skills. Created and hosted by Foxcroft's STEM faculty, it draws nearly 200 participants each year to compete in separate middle and high school divisions.
  • Project Green Build/Project Rebuild

    Engineers, architects, hands-on activities, and construction site visits introduce students to all aspects of design and engineering in these monthly seminar series. Project GreenBuild followed the creation of Stuart Hall, our first "green" building. Project Rebuild tracked the renovation of Court.
  • STEAM Club

    Web design, 3D design and printing, robotics, rocketry, and computer programming are among the skills that this active group of students explore. The group is mentored by several faculty members which allow members of the club to separate into groups of their own interest and pursue learning that excites them.
  • STEM Lectures, Visits, and Events

    Guest speakers — often women with groundbreaking careers — visit campus to share their stories and their work in various STEM fields. NASA's Chief Scientist, Ellen Stofan, and award-winning industrial designer Julia Sutula are are recent examples. Students also go on field trips and take on internships to further explore careers in this booming businesses.
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