The Foxcroft Circle

The Four Promises of Foxcroft's Strategic Plan are the pillars of the Foxcroft Experience. Gifts to The Foxcroft Circle directly support these promises and impact the daily lives of each and every student.

The Foxcroft Circle, previously known as the Annual Fund, supports 7% of our yearly operating budget. This vital fund has a significant daily impact, whether buying a lightbulb or a mower, ensuring we offer competitive salaries for our faculty and staff or making the girls-only boarding school in the Southeast more affordable for future students. Yearly gifts to The Foxcroft Circle touch every aspect of life at Foxcroft.

We ask that if you choose to make only one gift to Foxcroft,
that it be in support of The Foxcroft Circle.
Thanks to the continued support from our faculty, parents, friends, and alumnae, The Foxcroft Circle helps to ensure that each and every girl will have the opportunity to develop the skills, confidence, and courage to share her unique voice with the world.

“Ours is a living mission that extends beyond
a graduate’s time on campus 
and transforms lives forever.” 
– Cathy McGehee, Head of School

What Does The Foxcroft Circle Support?

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  • Where It's Needed Most: Our Unrestricted Fund

    A gift to this fund is put to immediate use toward the greatest needs of the operating budget -- supporting our faculty, our staff, our students, and many other factors that contribute to the Foxcroft experience.
  • Mens Sana: Our Healthy Mind Fund

    Taken from the Foxcroft School motto, a healthy mind is at the core of our mission. Every girl is afforded the opportunity, ability, and resources to pursue unique learning opportunities both inside the classroom and out. Expert faculty, a rigorous curriculum, cutting-edge electives, and innovative spaces are all essential components of a student's academic journey. 
  • Corpore Sano: Our Healthy Body Fund

    The other half of our School motto--a healthy body--is a complement to a healthy mind, and is equally critical to academic success. Physical health and activity yields lifelong benefits and improves cognitive development. Our wellness curriculum is specifically designed with the latest information in health, nutrition, and physical activity. Additionally, each girl enjoys a different level of passion for a variety of activities - and our job is to provide growth opportunities, whether it’s afternoon yoga, team sports like lacrosse or field hockey, or competitive riding at a national level.
  • Grounds & Garden: Our Campus Maintenance Fund

    Our uncommonly beautiful campus has been a source of pride and comfort for more than 100 years. Over 500 acres and 46 historic buildings form this learning environment where girls can learn, grow, and thrive. It is vital that we care for and improve upon this treasured space that our girls, alumnae, and faculty alike call home.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How Are The Faculty and Staff Participating?

    Whether it's in the classroom, on the athletic fields, hosting advisees for dinner, or making a gift to The Foxcroft Circle, Foxcroft’s faculty are dedicated to positively impacting the lives of the girls each and every day. We are proud to announce 96% Faculty participation in 2017-18. Our goal is 100% faculty participation in 2018-19.
  • How Does Alumnae Participation Make A Difference?

    Alumnae participation in The Foxcroft Circle provides vital support for current students and teachers, and works to grow the Foxcroft legacy. The Foxcroft experience does not end with graduation; we are a global network of incredible women and our bond is strong.

    This year’s focus will be increasing alumnae participation. The national average of alumnae Annual Fund participation for girls' schools is 24.9%. Last year only 19% of Foxcroft’s Alumnae made a gift to the Annual Fund. Your gift, no matter the size, can truly make a difference to the School and will help Foxcroft be competitive with other independent girls schools if we can reach our goal of 25% alumnae participation by June 30th 2019!
  • Why Is Parent Participation Important?

    Parent participation is extremely important, not only as a strong endorsement of the faculty and programming that make your daughter's Foxcroft Experience, but it also contributes to a formula used by many third party organizations when ranking and evaluating private schools. Last year we reached an incredible 48% parent participation in The Foxcroft Circle!

    Help us reach our goal of 60% Parent Participation by June 30th 2019.

The Foxcroft Circle 2018-19

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Goal $875,000.00
Current $875,000.00
As of Date 6/30/2020
Start Date 7/1/2019
End Date 6/30/2020
For more information, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement:

(540) 687-4510

  • The Foxcroft Circle: Grounds & Garden

    The Foxcroft Circle: Grounds & Garden

  • The Foxcroft Circle: Corpore Sano

    The Foxcroft Circle: Corpore Sano

  • The Foxcroft Circle: Mens Sana

    The Foxcroft Circle: Mens Sana

  • The Foxcroft Circle: Wishing You Joy this Holiday Season

    The Foxcroft Circle: Wishing You Joy this Holiday Season

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