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  • Stephanie Young ’00, Global Studies

  • Karin Thorndike and Jackie Washam, Fine Arts

  • Kate Worsham, Riding Program Highlights


Professional Development & Recognition

William R. Kenan Fund for Faculty Enrichment

The William R. Kenan Fund for Faculty Enrichment, given in 1979 by the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust, provides grants to faculty for summer research, scholarship, creativity, and academic excellence in order to enhance teaching and learning at Foxcroft. Projects funded by these grants will be innovative and collaborative, support a teacher’s professional growth plan, enhance student learning, and further strategic and departmental goals.

Recent Grant Recipients

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  • Steve McCarty

    Awarded in Summer 2019

    Steve McCarty will focus on making American Literature and Advanced Placement Economics into mastery classes and transform the student experience by flipping the classroom with tutorials and giving students problem-based tasks.
  • John Scharfenberg

    Awarded in Summer 2019

    John Scharfenberg will spend time researching the 58 inaugural addresses of our 45 presidents, highlighting the hope and optimism of each presidential term. These messages and lessons learned will be directly applicable to his Advanced Placement United States History, American Government and Politics, and Constitutional Law courses.
  • Karin Thorndike

    Awarded in Summer 2019

    Karin Thorndike will enhance her knowledge of and receive certification in theatrical sound production methods and equipment through online classes in audio production. After completing the courses offered by Synergetic Audio Concepts, she plans to share her new knowledge with theater “Tekkies” and student actors.
  • Anne Mueller

    Awarded in Summer 2018

    French teacher Dr. Anne Mueller, or “Madame,” as her students call her, wanted to address the variety of student ability levels and the disconnect between assessments and goals, as well as build in purpose and connection to the content so that students have meaningful and relevant learning experiences. She applied for and received her Kenan Grant for Faculty Enrichment to create personalized learning experiences for the students in her French 3 class that will improve fluency in French, increase cultural knowledge, and hone critical thinking, collaboration, self-motivated learning, and research skills.
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  • Katie Hergenreder

    Awarded in Summer 2018

    The new Animal Science class & Concentration program at Foxcroft provided the fodder for STEM teacher Katie Hergenreder’s Kenan Grant. Hergenreder’s first challenge was to determine the curriculum for the Animal Science class, a prerequisite of the Animal Science Concentration, and a class that must prepare the girls for the added rigor of this concentration, which also includes Biology as a co-requisite, another nine hours of math and science classes, an independent research project, plus an internship and active club involvement.
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  • Meghen Tuttle

    Awarded in Summer 2018

    Dr. Meghen Tuttle, STEM teacher and Wellness Program Coordinator was awarded her Kenan Grant this past summer to expand Foxcroft’s Wellness Program so that it aligns with advisory and residential programming, and to develop an on-dorm curriculum for new students, who are not freshmen, to ensure that they do not experience a gap in their wellness education.
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Recent Teaching Award Recipients

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Mary Louise Leipheimer Excellence in Teaching Award

The Mary Louise Leipheimer Excellence in Teaching Award was established in 2014 by Foxcroft’s Board of Trustees to honor the retiring Head of School who spent 40+ years at the all girls school in Virginia as a teacher and administrator. The award recognizes a faculty member with a tenure of at least three years who connects with and challenges each student to develop her analytical ability, critical and independent thinking, communication skills and personal integrity.

Jane Lockhart Service Award

The Jane Lockhart Service Award was established in 2012 by Foxcroft parents and students in appreciation of the dedication, commitment, and passion of Jane Lockhart, who has worked at Foxcroft since 1966. It honors a staff or faculty member who “exemplifies a personal commitment to and understanding of all of our students,” with an emphasis on all.

Recent Service Award Recipients

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