Danny Borror Receives Jane Lockhart Service Award

Facilities Manager Danny Borror was awarded the 2022 Jane Lockhart Service Award on Thursday, May 26, recognizing his dedication and outstanding service to Foxcroft School for the past decade.

“Each and every day, Mr. Borror’s work to keep our buildings and grounds safe, beautiful, and functioning helps create a welcoming campus for our students, their families, and their teachers,” remarked Head of School Cathy McGehee while presenting at the annual Awards Assembly. 
Directing her remarks to Borror, who was seated in the audience with his wife Mollie, McGehee continued, “Over the past two years, the pandemic has provided us with many extra challenges. You and the team have gone above and beyond to make sure our community is safe. Now that we are back to normal, you help us set up for events and programs, sometimes with little notice — and then there are all the other challenges faced by a 108-year-old, 500-acre campus with 50 buildings, from the electrical work to plumbing, and so much more.” 

Borror joined Foxcroft’s Maintenance team in 2011 and became Facilities Manager in 2016. In addition to keeping campus running and supporting all the needs of the School on a daily basis, Borror has stepped into another role — teacher — occasionally, co-teaching hands-on courses during Wintermission and supporting the engineering classes as they use heavy-duty equipment. He and the entire Maintenance staff also transform the School’s spaces with imaginative and impressive set designs for each performing arts production. The work he does to support students’ experience at Foxcroft is especially meaningful to him, as his daughter Ryleigh is a member of the Class of 2023.

No matter the task, Borror is there with a smile, perhaps a joke, and a helping hand. “You are ready to serve 24/7, and you do so with concern, care, and humor,” said McGehee. “You help create a positive climate for everyone who works with you. You take care of all of us through random alarms, fireplace smoke, squirrels, snakes, and other crazy, wild things! Thank you for leading by example and for caring for Foxcroft.”

The Jane Lockhart Service Award goes to a distinguished member of Foxcroft's staff or faculty who "exemplifies a personal commitment to and understanding of all of our students.” This commitment is demonstrated among other criteria by this individual’s ability to raise the overall quality of life at Foxcroft, unselfish giving of time and energy to the School, and ability to empower students with self-confidence and instill in them the desire to learn, not only while at Foxcroft but also for a lifetime, thus exemplifying the passionate belief that “everything we do is curriculum.”

This award is given in the spirit of Jane Lockhart, Foxcroft staff member from 1966-2016, by the many students and their parents whose lives were enriched by Jane’s dedication to young women. Borror is the 11th recipient of the Jane Lockhart Service Award. Previous winners include Lockhart, school nurses Penny Alderman and Yvette McCarty; Safety officer Warren Payne; registrar/dorm parent and Hound Backer Patty Boswell; coach Fred McMane; Brenda Trussell, who runs the school store and mailroom; Heide Hotchkiss; Director of Student Services and school counselor Erin Abbott; and Assistant Head of School Courtney Ulmer.
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