Cross-Disciplinary Lessons Extend Beyond the Classroom

On Monday, October 15, students in the American Experience, American Literature, AP US History, Biology, and US History classes traveled to Mount Vernon for a cross-disciplinary field trip. The day spent touring George Washington's home yielded valuable lessons that tied back to English, science, and history classroom topics. Enjoy a report from Siena W. '21 below:

Though I had to wake up early for the 7:30am departure, my time at Mount Vernon was more than memorable. There, I was able to experience first-hand the extravagant colonial lifestyle of one of our founding fathers, George Washington. At Mount Vernon, my friends and I explored all of the different aspects seen in a functioning and profitable property in the late 1700’s. Throughout the trip, I was able to further my understanding of day-to-day colonial culture and the lifestyles of many members of the thriving community. Though we discussed this in class, I was not able to truly comprehend how necessary each person’s role was on Washington’s estate until I witnessed how vast his land was.
Our trip to Mount Vernon not only allowed us to gain further historical knowledge, but also to observe interesting old objects that will later influence the poems that we will write in our American Literature class. As my group and I wandered around Mount Vernon, we observed a variety of jobs that were once available on the grounds, including blacksmiths, field workers, and even George and Martha Washington’s duties as hosts to many provincial guests who helped influence not only the outcome of the American Revolution, but also the French Revolution.

In our Biology class, we have been learning about the process of photosynthesis while growing our gardens outside. Many of the activities at Mount Vernon included the use of crops grown on the land. By learning about the operations of their harvesting, my group and I learned that during the colonial period people were fully aware of the nutrients and nourishment plants required.
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