“Bright Lights in the Community”: Foxcroft Girls Give Back

Service learning at Foxcroft encompasses many different things. Our girls, who are tremendous givers with understanding hearts, volunteer their time and talent by organizing fundraisers for causes near and far, by helping spread the word about blood drives and food drives, and by getting their hands dirty, whether in Houston, TX, helping with hurricane relief efforts or down in Goose Creek assisting with stream monitoring.

Under the guidance of Experiential Learning Coordinator Beth O’Quinn, girls take advantage of service learning opportunities throughout the year. Some of these opportunities happen regularly, allowing girls to truly invest themselves and witness the difference they make. Every week, groups of volunteers spend time at Banneker Elementary School and Sprout Therapeutic Riding, and we recently heard from the executive director at Sprout praising our girls efforts. This week, we are sharing reports from two Foxcroft volunteers — Rose U. ’21 and Sally E. ’20 — and an excerpt from the inspirational letter:
Volunteering at Banneker Elementary School
From Rose U. ’21

Every Thursday, we have a sleep-in, and classes start a little late. At 7:30am, a small group of five to eight people go to nearby Banneker Elementary School to assist the younger classes with reading, math, or spelling. Sometimes the Foxcroft volunteers will help the younger students one-on-one, if they are struggling in a subject or falling behind in their class. In the first and second grades, the volunteers help some of the students go over sight words to prepare for assessments. In the third grade, the volunteers help with reading short books. After an hour-long volunteer session, we leave in time to return to campus for classes. We all have a wonderful time every week going to Banneker and getting to know the school's great students. Going to Banneker each week has been an extremely rewarding experience as we all get to see the students learn and improve in the areas in which we try to help them.

Volunteering at Sprout Therapeutic Riding
From Sally E. ’20

Foxcroft takes a handful of students to Sprout every Wednesday and I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to volunteer. Once we get to Sprout, we start helping around the barn or with a lesson. It is a rewarding experience to help during a lesson because you are truly making the rider’s day better. Working with the kids is fun because we do different activities in the riding ring like ring toss and beanie toss. Seeing each of them grow as a rider and as a person is spectacular to watch — it takes time, but it works. Sprout’s program helps grow participants’ confidence, and it also gets the Foxcroft girls to become more involved in the surrounding community. After leaving Sprout, I feel satisfied because not only did I do community service, but I also helped another person achieve his or her goals.
Foxcroft girls’ efforts don’t go unnoticed. Brooke Waldron, Executive Director and Founder of Sprout Therapeutic Riding, recently emailed Ms. O’Quinn to commend our volunteers on the difference they make with their weekly support:
Sprout has been so fortunate to have volunteer support from the students at Foxcroft for many years and we value the knowledge and spirit they bring to our Wednesday afternoon shift! Sprout typically has around 30 students (from the age of two to over seventy, with a wide range of diagnoses) on Wednesdays. Foxcroft ladies fill essential needs during our lesson sessions by providing barn support, horse leading, and side walking. Without their committed support we surely could not function. Our students connect through their friendship and laughter, our horses are comforted by their calm and respectful natures, and we appreciate their willingness to support the operations at Sprout — whatever the task may be. As the Executive Director, I am consistently impressed by their enthusiasm, leadership, professionalism and “out-of-the-box” thinking. Foxcroft girls are a bright light in our community and they give hope to people who desperately need a miracle. They are truly the ‘good’ in this world.”

To all the girls who volunteer and aim to make a difference, thank you for your efforts! With your compassion and action, you can change the world someday.
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