Capitol Steps come to Foxcroft

An audience of students, faculty, local parents and alums, and members of the extended community gathered on Monday evening for the long-anticipated performance by our 2005 Goodyear Fellow, Capitol Steps. They did not disappoint! Their brand of bi-partisan musical political satire was side-splitting, and featured "guest appearances" by George Bush, John Kerry, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Condolessa Rice, Howard Dean, Bill and Hillary Clinton...and Cher. The evening featured humorous looks at serious domestic and world issues, including such diverse topics as: Red States/Blue States, The War in Iraq, Feminism, and National Educational Testing Standards. The students especially enjoyed their hilarious "Lirty Dies" piece which "combines your basic national scandal with word-initialization-rejuxtaposition closely following the underlying precepts of harmony, alliteration and innuendo; spoonerisms taken to ludicrous heights," and a spoof on performer Ashlee Simpson.

During the afternoon, two members of the comedy troupe conducted an informal workshop with voice/drama students, including all members of the cast of this year's Spring production of Annie. The girls responded enthusiastically to a series of basic lessons in comedy improv (see photos), and were encouaged not only to stay abreast of current world events, but to take it one step further to the formation of personal perspectives on those events.
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