Foxcroft Riders Show Well in First Two Weeks of WEF

In the eighth year of the Foxcroft Riding Program taking riders to Wellington, FL, to compete at the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) for a portion of the winter, it is still just as exciting as it was the inaugural year in 2014. While the School's Exceptional Proficiency (EP) program creates a structure that helps the riders stay connected to campus and maintain their academic standing while working with their tutors in Florida, the house chaperones and trainers make sure that the riders and their horses are ready to compete for up to six weeks, from January through March, at one of the most competitive venues in the country.
This season, there are three riders and their horses showing under the tutelage of Director of Riding Kate Worsham. These riders are all participating in classes in the jumper arenas and are competing at a variety of heights. With the oldest partnership being one that just started in September of 2021 and the other two a bit later in the fall, this season is beginning with a strong focus on developing connections between the riders and the horses and setting them up for long term success. With plans in place for each pair and exercises at home designed to enhance their skill sets, the season is off to a great start. 

All three riders have competed during weeks one and two of the WEF circuit and have had some excellent results thus far. Georgia R. ’22 and her leased horse Corrado, aka George B, started in the .80m class to dust off her skills and then confidently moved right into the .90m division. Cierra C. ’25 is riding a newly leased mare named Generosa MK, referred to as Jenny in the barn, and has been capably navigating the .80m tracks these first two weeks. Partnered with a new jumper that she purchased this fall, Telina T. ’24 is using the Low Junior Jumper division to get to know Hunter Fairy, aka Nyx, before officially moving up into the Mediums. The three riders have already added lots of color to the Foxcroft ribbon banner and we are excited for what the rest of the circuit will bring.

Please congratulate them on the following results:
WEF Week 1:
  • Georgia R. ’22 & George B — 4th out of ~33 in the Low Child/Adult Training Jumper .80m ll2b format; 3rd & 7th out of ~15 in the Low Children's Training Jumper .90m ll2d & ll2b formats
  • Cierra C. ’25 & Jenny — 3rd out of ~34 in the Low Child/Adult Training Jumper .80m ll2d format
  • Telina T. ’24 & Nyx — 2nd out of ~32 in Low Junior Jumper 1.20m ll2b format
WEF Week 2:
  • Georgia R. ’22 & George B — 1st & 6th out of ~15 in Low Children's Training Jumper .90m ll2d & ll2b formats
  • Cierra C. ’25 & Jenny — 2nd, 4th & 5th out of ~25 in Low Child/Adult Training Jumper .80m in the ll2b, ll2b & ll2d formats
  • Telina T. ’24 & Nyx — 2nd out of ~59 in Low Junior Jumper 1.20m ll2b format
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