The End of a Great First Season

Last week, Exceptional Proficiency student Meredith K. ’23 and her race team stopped by Foxcroft on their way to compete in the Legends Nationals races at Dominion Raceway in Fredericksburg. After the races, we caught up with Meredith to find out a bit more about why she chose to pursue racing.
How many races do you compete in each year? Have you won or placed highly in any of them? 
With this being my first full season of racing, I have run about 25 races total. Though I have yet to win a race, I have two podium finishes and a handful of top-five finishes this year. I'm always looking to improve and get faster each time I get on track.
How did you become interested in racing? Why did you choose the Legend style of car? 
I first became interested in auto racing after attending a NASCAR Xfinity race at Darlington Raceway in 2017. I caught the racing bug after that and immediately wanted to get behind the wheel. We knew that many current NASCAR drivers got their start in Legend cars, so we wanted to pursue that route. I didn't come from a racing family, so we reached out to a NASCAR Drive for Diversity (D4D) driver, Rajah Caruth, to spend a day with him at the Bojangles Summer Shootout in 2018. He introduced us to AK Performance, which supports the D4D youth program. I got behind the wheel for the first time in 2019 and ran my first race in 2020. With COVID-19, this is my first full season of racing!

What is the NASCAR Drive for Diversity (D4D) program? 
The NASCAR Drive for Diversity program is well recognized and important to our sport. NASCAR supports the team Rev Racing to give minorities (both people of color and females) an opportunity to chase their dreams. They run throughout three different series with Legend cars, Late Model Stock cars, and ARCA cars. Though I am not in the D4D program, I run with AK Performance who supports their youth program with Legend cars.

What is your favorite thing about racing?
There is no feeling like passing another car for position or running in a pack with other cars. Your mind is only focused on driving and doesn't have time to think about anything else when you're inches away from the car in front of you. You're constantly trying to push yourself to the limits and see just how fast you can go. 

In closing, Meredith offered, “Being in Foxcroft's Exceptional Proficiency program lets me chase my dreams in the racing world. It allows me to miss school for week-long events to race. Without the EP program, there is no way I could be away from school and keep up with the work that I missed. Everyone is extremely supportive of my hobbies and always asks me how I did in my race.”
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