STEM Presents: Bruce Wyman of 3D Me

From Director of STEM Education Kristine Varney

Last Thursday, we welcomed our first speaker of the year in our STEM Presents speaker series. Bruce Wyman spoke with interested students, including those in the STEM Concentration, about the work of his company, 3D Me, which provides high-quality 3D scanned figures for customers. Mr. Wyman’s talk helped the group better understand 3D printers, a technology we have been using in The Innovation Lab for class and personal projects since the space opened in 2017.
Mr. Wyman teaches STEAM classes in Fairfax County and works with nonprofit organizations and independent schools to educate students about the uses of 3D technology. Said sophomore Erica J., “He was incredibly entertaining and it was very cool to learn about his company and research, and it was even cooler to know that it is completely run by teachers.” Mr. Wyman puts together workshops for teachers and students, helping them to understand the different types of 3D printing that can be used across a number of industries. Mr. Wyman brought samples of the work he and colleagues have 3D printed, including small figurines, bracelets, fidget spinners, and a robotic hand. He shared videos of some of the many uses of 3D printers — one even showed using a 3D printer to print an entire house!

Mr. Wyman ended his presentation with an interactive activity where volunteers could get their head and shoulders 3D scanned, transforming the image using software called Tinkercad. According to Elikem K. ’21, “To be 3D scanned was amazing! I was surprised how clear it turned out. After Mr. Wyman did a 360-degree scan, I was able to see a 3D image of myself. It reminded me of a 3D origami illustration, because once I started to zoom in, I realized that the picture was actually made up of tiny polygons. This seminar really opened my eyes to the multiple uses of the 3D printer. I will definitely incorporate it into future school projects.” The images from Mr. Wyman’s scans can be printed using a 3D printer and painted to look like a mini-me of the subject.

Adair S. ’22 said, “Going into this presentation, I knew very little about 3D printing, but I learned about the wide range of uses for printing, the programs, and different types of printers, and I enjoyed watching the people get scanned.” With this newfound inspiration, we expect to see great things coming out of the Innovation Lab!
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