2010: Beatty Page Cramer '66

A Foxcroft Board member for the past eleven years, a teacher, a mediator, a lawyer, a problem-solver, a volunteer, this New York girl came to Foxcroft in 1962, cheerful, outgoing, full of zip, and eager for action. During the ensuing four decades of shared history, Beatty Page Cramer’s lifetime commitment, sense of responsibility, and leadership skills have combined to create an amazing force on behalf of this school.
As a student, this Fox followed — but was never led by — an older sister, Ferrell. Beatty was a member of Glee Club, Dramat, Choir, Art Club, Octet, and Tally-ho!, showing even at this young age the qualities of creativity and leadership that would be the hallmarks of her future.
Beatty was graduated in 1966 and attended Vassar College, where she focused on Drama and enjoyed acting in productions, designing scenery, and even trying her hand at directing.  After Vassar, she spent several years in the financial services industry before matriculating at Hofstra Law School where she earned her JD.  So began her career in law, working first at Sherman and Sterling, then as partner at Hawkins Delafield & Wood, and beginning in 1995, as partner at Hughes Hubbard and Reed.  Combining her legal and financial expertise, Beatty specialized in Latin American finance, working on such issues as the refinancing of Ecuador’s trade debt and the financing of everything from oil production in Mexico to a towel manufacturer in Australia. An adjunct professor at Hofstra Law, she created the Law of Public Finance Seminar.
Beatty was successful in this work, in part, because she has a gift for seeing issues from several sides and enjoys working with others to solve problems.  In her service to Foxcroft, too, these skills have made her invaluable, first as President of the Alumnae Association, and later as a member of the Board of Trustees. 
As President of the Foxcroft Alumnae Association, Beatty was instrumental in the restructuring of the organization’s mission and reformulation of its leadership to focus its work on alumnae outreach and direct service to the School. Leading by example, she has personally organized and hosted numerous events for alumnae around the country and abroad. She has treated students to tickets for a Broadway show and to her astute insights as a member of an alumnae career panel.
As Chair of the Audit Committee, she had the Board of Trustees scrutinize its practices pertaining to issues as varied as records retention and whistleblower policies.  Her keen understanding of the implications of Sarbanes-Oxley led Foxcroft to compliance long before legislation required it.  Beatty’s broad understanding of legal issues combined with her ability to explain them in layman’s terms has been critical. Indeed, Foxcroft has been the beneficiary of her profound commitment, her deep sense of service and her unmatched leadership skills, as well as her energy, generosity, wisdom, grace, and passion. 
That passion, alternately drawn to voice and drama, the law and service, her School and numerous other philanthropic endeavors, always extends to her family — Dolph, her husband, and Ferrell, her sister.
The Board of Trustees and Mary Louise Leipheimer honor Beatty Page Cramer’s outstanding service by presenting to her Foxcroft’s highest award, the Anne Kane McGuire Distinguished Service Award.
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