Together We Will Step Boldly into the Future

The Centennial Campaign for Foxcroft School

Begun in 2010, we have successfully closed our Centennial Campaign — two years ahead of schedule and $4.9 million over the $75 million goal! Our Centennial Campaign is one of the largest completed by a girls’ school to date, and it has allowed us to build Stuart Hall dormitory, repurpose Court as our Welcome Center, renovate Applegate, Dillon, Orchard and Reynolds dormitories, and increase our endowment by well over 200 percent.
Our Centennial Campaign has made a lasting impact. It has positioned Foxcroft among the nation’s top boarding schools and has simultaneously allowed us to enhance our aging, yet beautiful campus, create innovative programming, and increase scholarship aid so that we may remain competitive among our peer schools. Most importantly, the success of this campaign guarantees that we can confidently continue to deliver on our mission: to nurture girls who dare and do, who explore their voices and develop the confidence, courage and skills to share them with the world.
The Centennial Campaign has secured Foxcroft’s position as the standard bearer for girls’ schools around the globe. Yes, there is still work to be done so that we may continue to deliver an exceptional Foxcroft experience to future generations of young women, but today, we celebrate our incredible achievement.
This is a very proud moment. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I thank each one of you for your continued support of our School.
Anne Michele Lyons Kuhns ’87
Chair, Board of Trustees
This campaign has enabled the School to realize fully its century-old promise to educate extraordinary women who dare and do, remain an institution that is grounded in innovation, and provide a living and learning experience that is fully Foxcroft.

Girls Who Dare & Do

The Centennial Campaign ensures that Foxcroft will continue to shape future generations who
dare and do — girls who dare to learn new things in new ways and who become women who take action in their professions and in their communities. Foxcroft graduates know no limits to what they can accomplish. They have the skills, courage, and confidence to share their unique voices with the world and are guided by the core values of the School: respect, integrity, kindness, and service. From their time as New Girls until they graduate, our students benefit from the generosity of those who have gone before them.

- Pradyuta Padmanabhan '18, Former Student Head of School

“I’m leaving Foxcroft a lot more confident, not only in myself but also in my ability to be a leader. I never would have tried out for any kind of leadership spot at my previous school. Foxcroft has helped me recognize and develop my leadership skills, and I look forward to growing them even more when I leave here. ”

Grounded in Innovation

Miss Charlotte said, “Keep up with the times, don’t be narrow,” a statement that reflected her forward thinking philosophy —  a philosophy embraced by all who have played a role in shaping this School through their commitment to providing each girl with the knowledge and skills to succeed in her endeavors.

Just as Miss Charlotte prepared her young students to make the most of the age in which they lived, Foxcroft continues to do the same today, teaching girls to be innovative through such experiences as STEM studies, service learning and internships, artistic endeavors, and our Exceptional Proficiency Program. The Centennial Campaign has enabled Foxcroft to continue to embrace its history, values, and culture while looking forward with a vision for the future.  

- Courtney Ulmer, Assistant Head of School for Academics

"The Centennial Campaign has already allowed us to grow our programming beyond the nuts and bolts. In addition to technology and arts upgrades, the Campaign has allowed us to establish new concentration programs, support faculty in arranging new internship opportunities, and invest in more professional development."

Fully Foxcroft

The Centennial Campaign has helped Foxcroft more fully realize its century-old mission to educate extraordinary women who are well-rounded and well-prepared for college, career, and life.

The Campaign has accelerated Foxcroft’s progress towards its long-term goals and shines a light on the continuing value and power of girls’ education. Unique learning experiences in and out of the classroom, an uncommonly beautiful setting in which to learn, grow, and thrive, a residential community of understanding hearts, and lifelong friendships and global connections create an experience that is fully Foxcroft.

- Kate Hastings, Class of 1978

"Foxcroft helps young women understand what makes them unique, teaches them to navigate, to step back and see what it takes to succeed. It is an environment where you can try anything and everything, and your instructors will embrace it or help you understand why it didn’t work."

Looking Towards the Future

Completing the Centennial Campaign two years early and over goal has allowed us to accelerate our strategic initiatives. Now, we turn our attention to a new performing arts center and studios, updated STEM facilities, and the renovation of Schoolhouse, our main academic building. Since our beginning, Foxcroft has lived out Miss Charlotte’s exhortation to ‘keep up with the times.’ Foxcroft is grounded in innovation. It’s exciting to be planning for academic spaces which will support our pedagogy for teaching girls and preparing them for their futures. Our focus is interdisciplinary, experiential, and collaborative. Our classrooms, labs, studios, and performance spaces need to be flexible to enhance learning, to fully engage students, and to create greater opportunities for internships and service in our region.

- Catherine S. McGehee, Head of School

“The successful completion of Foxcroft’s Centennial Campaign accelerates our progress toward our long-term goals and shines a light on the continuing value and power of girls’ education.”
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