Foxcroft Celebration Days

One of Foxcroft’s enduring strengths has been the bonds that grow among those who are fortunate enough to spend time here. As current events unfold on the international stage, this is where Foxcroft women rise. We are leaders, problem solvers, creators, and friends you can always rely on.

Over the next few weeks, we hope you will join in celebrating the fortitude and kindness of the Foxcroft community. While we may not be able to travel to see one another, our reach is great and together we can accomplish much.

How can I participate?

We will have four days each honoring a hallmark of our School culture: Service, Learning, and Wellness, culminating in a virtual community Celebration. Watch your email for a newsletter and regular updates, or follow us on social media. Each day we will share examples and stories of Foxcroft community members who are performing acts of service, learning, and wellness. Take a moment to share with us what you are doing, by sending us an email ( or by tagging us on social media!

Day of Service

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  • Tuesday, April 21

    Service to others is a long-standing tradition at Foxcroft and one that Miss Charlotte spoke of often and with fervor. As we collectively experience the challenges of our “new normal,” Foxcroft women continue to live out the School’s core value of service through acts of kindness, small and large. Whether you are a first responder, are making face masks, or are simply staying home and calling your loved ones to keep them connected, let us know what you are doing so we can show the world what service means to Foxcroft. All it takes is a quick photo, a short video, or tagging @foxcroftschool or @fxcalumnae online.

Day of Learning

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  • Wednesday, April 29

    As our students continue their academic journey through distance learning, so too are our alumnae navigating a new landscape and taking the opportunity to acquire new skills. Foxcroft women are lifelong learners and continue to challenge themselves and grow. Whether you are homeschooling your child for the first time, studying a new language, or figuring out how to work from home, each of us is growing in new ways. Take a moment and send us a picture of you learning to cross-stitch, or a short video showcasing your newly acquired language skills. Are you posting photos of a new bread recipe? If so, tag @foxcroftschool or @fxcalumnae online!

Day of Wellness

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  • Thursday, May 7

    Despite these trying times of uncertainty, changed routines, and social distancing, we are witnessing inspiring acts of self-care and self-expression that are helping us connect and persevere as a community. Foxcroft’s motto, Mens Sana in Corpore Sano a healthy mind in a healthy body, inspires us even today to prioritize overall wellness.

    Whether you are live-streaming daily yoga classes, spending time outside in your garden, practicing the piano or working on a painting, taking care of our whole selves allows us to stay strong as a community. Share what keeps you healthy and happy! We want to see Zoom calls with friends, photos from dog walks, or hear about your favorite stress-relieving exercises. If it works for you, it could work for others—so send it our way!

Day of Celebration

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  • Tuesday, May 12

    Join us on May 12 to celebrate the compassion, adaptability, and resilience of the Foxcroft community as we share the incredible things that you have done during the days of Service, Learning, and Wellness. It is our hope that the Foxcroft Celebration Days provide you with a source of joy and connection to your Foxcroft family.

    So many of you have reached out with words of kindness and encouragement which continue to fill our hearts with warmth and gratitude. Several have also asked how you can help the School during this trying time. If you are in a position to help, please know that a gift to The Foxcroft Circle directly supports the people who teach and advise, who support our academic mission and program in their work outside the classroom, and who care for our 500-acre campus and buildings.

— Cathy McGehee, Head of School

“I know that Foxcroft is positioned to remain strong, and you are a key reason for that strength.”


We hope you will join us in our celebration of Foxcroft!
Your support of the School is so valuable.
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