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Empowering Students to Lead with Confidence

At Foxcroft, you will have opportunities to serve with other students and faculty to make an impact on Foxcroft, the larger community, and the world. 

Through active participation in endeavors ranging from Student Council, Athletic Association, and Activities Committee to service-learning projects, class trips, and dorm meetings, you can share your unique talents and interests to play an important role in shaping our community.

student gives a speech during graduation

At Foxcroft, we believe that each girl has the ability and responsibility to contribute to her community in meaningful and positive ways.

Honest & Trustworthy

With “clear vision” and “clean hearts” Foxcroft leaders understand, model and uphold our core values of respect, integrity, kindness and service. Through thoughtful leadership, they work to nurture an inclusive community where each girl feels she like she belongs. Demonstrating courage when daring to speak up to unkind actions and words; confidence, by asking questions and sharing new ideas; humility by taking responsibility and learning from mistakes; and compassion by modeling kindness and understanding heart.

Engaged & Empowered

Our girls make a difference, and a big part of the reason is that, at Foxcroft, every student learns that she has the opportunity and the responsibility to make a positive impact in her community and in the world. We call on each student’s active engagement in a variety of student-centered programs that range from Student Council, Fox/Hound, Athletic Association, and Activities Committee, Grade level experiences, service learning and dorm living.

Growth-Oriented & Resilient

We know that confidence is gained through active engagement, self-awareness and skill development. That is why leadership at Foxcroft is an honor, a responsibility and a skill. No matter the role - whether formal or informal - each girl is intentionally stretched to develop as a leader. Through advising and mentoring, she will learn to identify her strengths, learn from her mistakes, and make the effort to share her talents and interests with the community.

Foxcroft offers an array of leadership and everyone is involved, whether that is in a big or small role. My favorite leadership position I hold is a Whip (first year student leader in the dorm) in the freshman dorm. I love being able to support New Girls in their transition from living at home to community living here at Foxcroft. — Ruby D., Class of 2025


Leadership Positions

The Student Council, led by the Student Head of School, is the governing body of all student organizations. The Council strives to uphold Foxcroft’s shared values, to nurture a positive and inclusive school community and ensure that our programs remain mission appropriate and relevant to the student body.


Our Honor Code

Foxcroft is a community built on trust. A Foxcroft girl is respectful to others and their property, dedicates herself to her academic pursuits, and models the School's expectations both on and off school grounds. Every student in the Foxcroft community is expected to be honest in her academic work and in her interactions with members of the community. Lying, cheating, or stealing, including plagiarism and the use of any false identities, violates our honor code, is considered prohibited conduct, and will result in disciplinary action.