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    Sports Hall of Fame News
    Kitty Palmer '72 Elected to Foxcroft School Sports Hall of Fame
    Three-sport standout in high school, college -- and as a coach -- will be inducted March 5

    Foxcroft’s Sports Hall of Fame is an exclusive club -- and it seems to be getting harder to join! In its third year of existence just one individual, Kitty Anthony Palmer ’72, was elected by the eight voters in November. That’s half as many as last year, when classmates Alison Firestone Robitaille ’95 and Jacey Edelman ’95 were inducted and five times fewer than 2014 when Miss Charlotte led an impressive inaugural class.

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    Balancing Acts: Two Newest Members of Foxcroft's Sports Hall of Fame Live the School Motto
    Jacy Edelman and Alison Firestone Robitaille, who were both inducted into the Foxcroft School Sports Hall of Fame Saturday (Feb. 28), have a lot in common.

    They are both members of the Class of 1995. They both grew up near Middleburg and attended the Hill School before coming to Foxcroft. They are both mothers of young children with demanding careers.

    And, of course, they are both terrific athletes.

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    About Foxcroft's Sports Hall of Fame
    The Foxcroft Sports Hall of Fame, scheduled to induct its first honorees during the School's Centennial Celebration in 2014, is an apt expression of the mission established nearly a century ago when the Latin phrase "mens sana in corpore sano" -- a healthy mind in a healthy body -- became the School motto. It will also make Foxcroft one of the few girls schools in the world to honor its sports stars with a hall of fame.

    Nominees for the Sports Hall of Fame must exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and character. Candidates will be judged on their significant and/or long-term contributions to Foxcroft School athletics.

    Eligible candidates include:
    1) An individual athlete who
    • graduated from Foxcroft, been a varsity (or equivalent) competitor at Foxcroft, and has been out of school for at least 10 years,
    • distinguished herself by her outstanding athletic participation at Foxcroft (All-State, Conference MVP/All-Star, individual champion, etc.), 
    • continued her sport in college or as a member of a U.S. team, or coached the sport on a high school, college, or professional level, and
    • serves as an example of outstanding character, courage, and leadership which Foxcroft seeks to develop in its athletic program.
    2) A coach who has been inactive and removed from the Foxcroft coaching staff for 10 years, and has accomplishments that merit statewide recognition, or
    made significant contributions to the athletic programs at the School.

    3) A "pioneer" who has made outstanding contributions to the interscholastic athletic programs at Foxcroft School prior to 1972.

    4) Teams which have distinguished themselves on the playing field which an outstanding win-loss record or league championship (Independent School League/Delaney Athletic Conference).
    Nominations Welcome!
    Review the complete guidelines for the Sports Hall of Fame.

    Make a nomination for the Foxcroft Sports Hall of Fame.
    Members of the Foxcroft School Sports Hall of Fame
    Kitty Anthony Palmer ’72, Inducted: 2016

    Jacy Edelman, Class of 1995 Inducted 2015

    Alison Firestone Robitaille '95 Inducted 2015

    Jane Forbes Clark, Class of 1973 Inducted 2014

    Nina Fout, Class of 1977 Inducted 2014

    Juliet Graham, Class of 1972 Inducted 2014

    Charlotte Haxall Noland Pioneer, Inducted 2014

    Teresa Shook, Class of 1930 Pioneer, Inducted 2014
    Sports Hall of Fame Selection Committee
    Cricket Bedford
    Grad Year: 1985
    Standout athlete as a Foxcroft student
    Former coach, Foxcroft School
    Current coach, Hill School

    Jacy Edelman
    Grad Year: 1995
    Class of 1995
    Inducted into Foxcroft School Sports Hall of Fame, 2015
    Standout athlete at Foxcroft and Wellesley College

    Joan Eliot
    Former athletic director and coach, Foxcroft School

    Katie Ryan Kantz
    Former Athletic Director, Coach, Teacher and Dorm Parent at Foxcroft

    Frederick McMane
    Founder, Sports Hall of Fame
    Chair (non-voting) of
       Selection Committee
    Coach, Foxcroft School

    Kitty Palmer
    Grad Year: 1972
    Class of 1972
    Inducted into Foxcroft Sports Hsll of Fame, 2016
    Standout field hockey, basketball, and tennis player at Foxcroft and at Lake Forest College

    Jennifer Orfield
    Grad Year: 1991
    Standout athlete as Foxcroft student

    Michelle Woodruff
    Athletic Director
    Foxcroft School
    Member ex officio

    Kate Worsham
    Director at Riding
    Foxcroft School
    Member ex officio