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Carrying on the School’s History and Culture

Within a few days joining the Foxcroft community, you’ll become part of a longstanding and favorite tradition — Fox/Hound — when you’re picked to join either the Hound or Fox team during Choosings. When you’re birthday comes around, you’ll run around the salad bar in the Dining Hall like so many students before you. You’ll celebrate relationships with your Old Girl, your New Girl, as an IT or Legacy, and carry on traditions that connect Foxcroft students and alumnae across the generations.

Foxcroft is about friendship, and Fox/Hound is one of the many ways to form friendships.

— Lynn H.,Class of 2005


True friends to the End

At Foxcroft, every member of the community is either a Fox or a Hound. Since 1914, Fox/Hound has been a favorite tradition between the two spirited groups, which wage friendly battle against each other in student-run competitions throughout the year. Whether you play a sport or not, you’ll have the fun experience of being part of a team, showing your spirit, and supporting your teammates in the annual Battle for the Cup!

a girl on the fox team hugs a girl from the hound team after a hard fought game
the fox and hound captain stand before the new girls during choosings

What Makes Fox/Hound So Unique?

A number of schools have “spirit team” traditions, but Foxcroft’s is educational and mission-driven in ways you won’t find everywhere. Fox/Hound reflects the ethos of our School because it is:

Other Special Traditions

In addition to Fox/Hound, there are many traditions at Foxcroft that hold fond memories for alumnae and continue to impact our students today:


Christmas Pageant, presented annually by our New Girls as a gift to the community
ITs and Legacies, students who have a family member who has attended Foxcroft before them
Old Girl / New Girl, the pairing of incoming students with an older returning student
Sleeping Porches
Running around salad bar on your birthday
Sunrise Service, along with the New Girls running from the flagpole to breakfast
Paul K. Bergan Poetry Festival
Graduation in Miss Charlotte’s Garden, complete with singing across Schoolhouse Lawn to the underclassmen
Baccalaureate at Trinity Episcopal Church

And more!