The arts at Foxcroft help you find your unique voice. Whether playing the piano, performing with a ballet class, taking voice lessons, or being a “techie” during stage productions, you’ll discover your individual passions while honing your creativity.

Fine Arts

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  • Painting, Ceramics and More!

    The Fine Arts at Foxcroft paint the hallways in Schoolhouse, capture moments of everyday life, and showcase the passion and creativity of our students. Courses include drawing and design, painting, ceramics, photography, and digital graphics, with advanced studio and independent study options as well.

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Performing Arts

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  • Theater, Performances and More!

    Performing arts showcases the creativity of our students through theater productions, musical performances, and more. While refining an individual skill, be it singing, dancing, or acting, girls can share their passion with the entire community.

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  • Instruments, Chorus and More!

    Students have the opportunity to take music lessons to refine their skills and talents. Through recitals towards the end of each semester, girls demonstrate their progress — in voice, piano, cello, and more — while gaining performance experience. 

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– Elle L. ‘17

“It never really hits me how great a production is until I’m watching fellow performers from the wings and realize that we all know what we’re doing.”

Arts News

Silver Moth Studio

In the summer of 2018, faculty member and artist-in-residence Jackie Jouvenal Washam opened Silver Moth Studio at Foxcroft School. Silver Moth Studio classes range from painting the human figure and still life, and painting en plein air (outdoors) to sculpting and wheel-throwing.

For more information about the Silver Moth Studio and to enroll in classes, go to or contact Washam by email at or by phone at 240.436.6057.


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  • Photo of Julie Fisher

    Julie Fisher 

    Department Chair, Fine Arts
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  • Photo of Amy Asbury

    Amy Asbury 

    Chorale Director, Music Coordinator
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  • Photo of Carolyn Burke

    Carolyn Burke 

    Dance Instructor
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  • Photo of Eric Dombrowski

    Eric Dombrowski 

    Latin, Music
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  • Photo of Karin Thorndike

    Karin Thorndike 

    Fine Arts, JV Tennis Coach, Dorm Parent
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  • Photo of Jackie Washam

    Jackie Washam 

    Ceramics Instructor; Athletic Coach
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  • Spring Recital 2019

    Spring Recital 2019

  • "Omigod You Guys"

    Legally Blonde: The Musical

  • Act I, Prologue: A Forest

    Rodgers & Hammerstein's "Cinderella"

  • Act 1

    "The Dining Room" Performing Arts Production 2017

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