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    Student FAQs
    Q. What types of students attend Foxcroft?
    A. There is no "typical" Foxcroft girl – unless you take into account that students who choose Foxcroft do so because they want to be involved in all levels of this active, small community. They like what they see, hear, and feel during their visits – that at Foxcroft, our core value is that each student is known and valued, that meanness of spirit is not tolerated, that the traditions are awesome, and that they love their teachers and friends.

    Q. How many classes will I take? What is the daily schedule like?
    Students typically take five academic courses – English, mathematics, science, history and foreign language plus a fine arts elective. We have a 7-period rotating schedule that students learn quickly. In general we have breakfast from 7 to 8am. On Monday, Tuesday and Friday all the classes meet for 47 minutes periods and Wednesday and Thursday we have 90 minute block schedule days. There is also a tutorial (extra help) period most days, and clubs meet on Thursday afternoons before sports. We have advisor meetings every Thursday right after lunch. Sports, riding, dance, and PE often happen between 3:45 and 5:30pm. Dinner is served from 6 to 7pm and study hall is from 7:30 to 9:30 pm, with lights out at 10:30pm (10:15 pm for freshmen).

    Q. What are weekends like?
    A. There are weekend activities scheduled every weekend by a Student Activities group. Foxcroft belongs to a group of boarding schools in the Baltimore/Washington area that does things together socially. Those events at Foxcroft, other schools, or other places may include dances, sports events, amusement parks, and cultural events. Foxcroft also has trips off campus to malls/movies/dinner. Generally there are 2-3 activities per weekend. Students sign up for events and/or trips on the Activities Board.

    Q. What is dormitory life like?
    A. The girls in each dormitory have great pride in their dormitory and enjoy the fun they have together as well as the competition with other dorms – such as the "Battle of the Dorms Talent Show." There are five dormitories on campus -- Applegate, Dillon, Orchard, Reynolds, and Stuart Hall. All freshmen live in Reynolds – but the other four dormitories have students of all ages. Depending on the size of the room, students may have 3, 2, or 1 roommate(s). In each dormitory, there is a Housemother. It is her full-time job to make sure things run smoothly in the dorm – whether it's making sure you keep your room clean or helping you survive homesickness or baking brownies for the dorm birthday parties. There are also student leaders, another dormitory adult, and a dorm team of teachers who will be involved in your dorm life. Foxcroft's dormitories are different from other schools. Each student shares a private bath with her roommate(s), and all the beds are across the hall in a different area. Dormitories have all the necessities including computers and wireless hubs in the common area, hall telephones, kitchen areas with microwaves and refrigerators, free laundry facilities, televisions with DVD/VCR's, and pianos.

    Q. Who will my roommate be?
    A. The Admission Office asks New Girls to complete a roommate questionnaire. We add that to the fact that we know you from the admission process and we work with the Dean of Students to make decisions about roommates. We work hard to choose roommates for you who may have similar interests, tastes in music, and neat versus sloppy tendencies. We generally do a pretty good job. Returning students choose their own roommates.
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    Q. What makes Foxcroft different?
    A. Foxcroft's core value is to know and value each student. Every decision we make, every program in place is designed to achieve that, and the fact that we enjoy 94% retention speaks to our success. We are a school where just over 80 percent of the faculty lives on campus, where full-time housemothers' only responsibility is the dormitory, and where the student to faculty ratio is 6:1. Since girls learn best in an environment of connectedness and collaboration, the Foxcroft community provides a laboratory for the best learning environment for girls.

    Q. What type of student is successful at Foxcroft?
    A. As Head of School Cathy McGhee is fond of saying – "Each girl is known as an individual; no cookie cutters here". We do our best work with girls who enjoy being involved, who care about those around them, and who bring their personal best to each situation.

    Q. Are there academic and other supports at Foxcroft?
    A. There are many adults at Foxcroft who will touch the life of your daughter. An advisor system where no advisor has more than 6 advisees, the housemother who is only a phone call away and can pop in to see your daughter in the evenings if you just want to see how she is, the Freshman Team that will work together for a smooth transition for the ninth graders, the Dean of Students whose office and home doors are almost always open, the school counselor -- all are involved. Add to that the Math Lab, the Learning Center, and the Writing Lab, the availability of tutoring if that is necessary, and the benefit of small classes – and you have a village. Collectively, we are quite a force. And, student leaders are trained to be an extension of the adult community – so don't underestimate the positive power of your daughter's dorm leaders and Old Girl – all of whom you will have met the first day of school.

    Q. Tell me about the student body.
    A. The student body is 70 percent boarding students with a total of 167 girls from 18 states, Washington D.C. and 14 countries. Some 17 percent are students of color; 25 percent are international students; and over 30 percent receive a total of more than $1.5 million of financial aid.

    Q. Is financial aid available?
    A. More than 30% of the students receive financial aid in the form of grants or loans. To apply for financial aid, families complete the Parents Financial Statement and send their most recent tax returns by February 1. Families are notified if they have received financial aid at the same time as they receive notification about the admission decisions. Families respond to Foxcroft about the offers of admission and financial aid by April 10.

    Q. Whom do I call with questions?
    A. Contact the Admission Office at anytime. We will answer your question or put you in touch with the right person. Our numbers: 540.687.4340 Or toll free: 1.800.858.2364
    Student Testimonials
    What have previous students said about our Admission Open Houses?

    "All the students I met were eager to introduce themselves; and by the time I was leaving, I felt as if I had known them all my life."

    "I was welcomed by the teachers and enjoyed the attention given to all the students in such small groups."

    "My very first impression was how beautiful the campus is. When I walked up the path to Brick House, I was greeted before I could even knock on the door."
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