Delayed Fox/Hound Field Hockey Activities Feature Friendly Competition and Much Fun

Two extra weeks of waiting to play did nothing to dampen the spirit or intensity of the Fox and Hound Teams Friday in the first Fox/Hound competition of the year. Rescheduled from November 17 to November 30 because of an early-season snow storm and ensuing power outage, New Girl Runnings and both Big and Little field hockey games were as much fun as always, with the Foxes winning the race, the Hounds sweeping the games, and the true spirit of the tradition — true friends ’til the end — carrying the day.
The very busy day, which started with morning classes and an Admission Open House, concluded just ahead of sunset as the Hound Big Team collected a 2-0 victory over the Foxes with two second-half goals. Earlier in the day, the Cub/Puppy Game went to the Hounds as well, also by the score of 2-0.

New Girl Runnings, however, gave a victory to the Foxes after freshman Gracen K. reached the weathervane atop the gazebo in Big Track ahead of all the competition. Gracen wasn't the first girl to get to the gazebo but her quick scrambling up the side of the structure gave her the win for the Fox Team.

Sophomore Puppy Team Captain Ellen B. scored about 10 minutes into the first half to put the Hounds on top early in Little Game and freshman Jordan M., assisted by senior Carsyn B., added a goal in the second half to pretty much seal the victory for the Hounds.

In Big Game, too, the Hounds seemed the stronger squad but outstanding defense by Fox Captain Leah S. ’19 in goal, Big Team captain Louise W. ’20, and others led to a scoreless first half and a very exciting game. Even after Loren S. ’19 put the Hounds on the board early in the second half, the game remained exciting and intensely played. Senior Willa C., the Hounds’ Cheerleader, added a goal late in the game for the 2-0 win.

Preparations for the hockey games began long before Friday — nearly a month, in fact — with student-run tryouts, team selection (announced at Teas on Nov. 12), and practices. When the power went out after several inches of snow on November 15, with no guarantee of returning any time soon (the power company suggested it might be out until late Saturday, November 17!), the schedule was reworked, with Big Sing Sing, New Girl Runnings, and both hockey games postponed until after Thanksgiving Break. Students took the changes in stride and mustered as much enthusiasm, energy, and intensity as ever when competition time came around.

And when it was over, the friendship for each other, regardless of team affiliation, and love and respect for the Fox/Hound tradition was clearly in abundance.
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