Global Cultures Club Brings Moon Festival to Foxcroft

by Semin A. ’21, Co-Head of Global Cultures Club

Moon Festival, also known as Mid-Autumn Festival, is a harvest festival celebrated throughout parts of East and Southeast Asia. Since Foxcroft has a lot of students who celebrate Moon Festival, Global Cultures Club thought this past Monday would be a great chance to introduce Moon Festival to the community and allow girls to celebrate it away from home. To celebrate and introduce Moon Festival, Global Cultures Club served spring rolls, mooncakes, and yakgaws (a traditional Korean snackcake) during a special dinner of Chinese dishes prepared by the Dining Hall staff. Along with the food, we hung lanterns to decorate the Dining Hall.
Last Sunday, Global Cultures Club members gathered in Roomies to make the lanterns and spring rolls. Making over 300 spring rolls was much harder than we expected. We had to go through some difficult processes such as peeling onions and chopping them. Everyone started crying because of the spicy onions. It was a lot of hard work to do, but we had help. Tam L. ’20 was in charge of making spring rolls, using her recipe for Vietnamese spring rolls. More than ten girls from different grades and different countries came to help. Thanks to their help, the process became a lot easier and the Moon Festival dinner was a great success. 

For this event, parents, faculty, and students helped Global Cultures Club a lot. The club leaders Maria C. ’19, Brianna M. ’20, Bianca M. ’21, and I would especially love to thank Ms. Edna Rodriguez, Bianca’s mother, who helped us on Sunday to make spring rolls, and Ms. Yolanda Zhang, mother of Emily Z. ’21, who made all the delicious mooncakes we served. We also really appreciate all the support the Dining Hall staff gave us to celebrate Moon Festival.

Global Cultures Club had a great time by celebrating Moon Festival, and we hope the whole community also enjoyed it. With the success of this event, we would like to continue to serve the community and celebrate different traditions and cultures by hosting more of these type of events.
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