A Clean Sweep: Foxes Win Tight Fox/Hound Riding Competition

In an afternoon that showcased thoughtful riding, helpful horses, and very tight margins between the winning and losing times, the Foxes emerged victorious Wednesday when the final Fox/Hound competition of the year was held at the Jean du Pont McConnell Stables and Riding Arena.

In fact, it was a clean sweep with the blue and white winning not only the Big, Middle, and Little Team titles, but also being named champion of the Lead Line Class! And don't think that last division isn't important — the winning team had one second deducted from their fastest Big Team rider's score before the times were averaged to determine the team’s official time. Considering the fact that Fox Big Team won with a time of 26.69 to 27.10 seconds for the Hounds, that’s a valuable reward. It was earned by Foxes Ally C. and Emma S., who were awarded first and third places by judge E. Robyn Anderson, of Unison, VA.
In the other classes, Anderson awarded a Style Award — also worth a one-second time deduction —  to the rider who best demonstrated a correct position, safe and smart decision-making skills, and proper technique. Foxes Cici J. ’18, Gracie S. ’21, and Ellie P. ’20 won the honor in Big, Middle, and Little Team competition, respectively, further aiding the Foxes’ cause.

The format and course for Fox/Hound Riding is based on the show jumping style of riding. There is a single round over a course consisting of verticals and oxers with areas where riders have inside turn options which can be used to create an efficient line between jumps.  The course is timed as would be a jump off and these times, minus one drop score, are averaged together to figure the team's time. The quickest time wins.

Complete results follow:
Lead Line Team
Winner = Foxes

Big Team
Average Team Times: Foxes 26.69 seconds, Hounds 27.01 seconds
Style Award: Cici J.

Middle Team
Average Team Times: Foxes 27.01, Hounds 30.37
Style Award: Gracie S. ’21

Little Team
Average Team Times: Foxes 31.05, Hounds 31.10
Style Award: Ellie P. ’20
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