Project Rebuild: From the Girls

The 2016-17 Project Rebuild seminars wrapped up last week with a wonderful finale, complete with concrete signing; networking with women professionals in the fields of construction, design, engineering and architecture; and a delicious thank-you barbeque. Girls who participated in Project Rebuild during the renovation of Court this year experienced hands-on STEM education during the monthly sessions throughout this entire year.

We asked the girls to look back and share their reflections of this unique learning experience. From LEGO houses to working directly with members of the Forrester Construction team, the memories made in Project Rebuild are as vividly imprinted in their minds as their signatures are in the concrete. To learn more about Project Rebuild and the girls' thoughts and contributions, in their own words, keep reading!
Guen G. '17:
Project Rebuild offers Foxcroft girls an outside-of-the-classroom opportunity to experience the reality of careers in STEM and expand our interests. Through seminar-style classes followed by onsite experiential learning, Project Rebuild made me more aware of architecture and its everyday effects on our lives.

Emma S. '18:
Project Rebuild was a really informative experience for me because of how many different aspects of the Court renovation project we discussed, and because of how hands-on it was. My favorite experience was the LEGO house project we did for that exact reason -- it pulled together the architects, the project managers, and the contractors in a hands-on way that gave us a bit of insight into what really goes into a project such as Court.

Amanda C. '19:
I had never really known much about construction, and was hesitant to sign up for Project Rebuild. It was the best class I have ever signed up for! I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to have a lot of fun, learn about construction from the experts, and watch ideas and dreams turn into reality.

Olivia D. '19:
Working with people from Forrester Construction was a great experience. They were all so nice and my mom even worked with one of them in the past! Project Rebuild was always the highlight of my month.

Alex G. '19:
It was really amazing being there from start to finish, and it's crazy to think that someday I will be part of the last class that will remember what Court was like before the renovation.
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