Project Rebuild: Cement and Concrete and Bricks, Oh My!

by Guen G.  '17

Last week in the October session of Project Rebuild, which is an opportunity for students to be part of the renovations of Court, we learned that for our entire childhoods we have been living a lie. The cement truck that we have all stared at with wide eyes is actually a concrete truck! In a brief yet informative seminar, we learned the differences between cement (an element to concrete), and concrete. We also learned about the skeleton of a building -- its structure. There are several different types of structures: masonry, steel, reinforced concrete, and light gauge metal framing.
After grasping the basic ideas of building structure, we headed to the construction site. There were so many exciting renovations going on; to our left, a new well was being drilled, to our right, concrete was being created. Not only were the twenty-or-so students able to see the construction, but we were also able to be a part of it.

For the final activity we broke into two groups to lay bricks and create a concrete mixture. In typical Foxcroft spirit, we had a competition to determine which group’s concrete is the strongest. Stay posted to see which group wins (my bet is on team Concrete Crushers)!
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