Origins of Fox/Hound

On November 26, 1914, only months after Foxcroft opened its doors to students, the first basketball game between the Foxes and the Hounds was played. Ever since that Thanksgiving Day, the tradition of two spirited groups — which, among them, include every single member of the school community — battling against each other with all their heart, and then reaffirming their bonds of friendship, has been a part of the School.

The Fox/Hound competitions are all student-run, with a bit of guidance from the “Hound Backer” and “Foxy Fellow” faculty advisors. Elected officers run tryouts and practices, and coach the teams in each of the three annual clashes — field hockey, basketball, and riding. The officers also organize “SingSings” (pep rallies) and other events, such as Banner Runnings and New Girl Runnings, throughout the year.
The Fox/Hound tradition began with basketball, which the vaunted Cup still depends upon. That first game was played on an outdoor court. The score: Hounds 9, Foxes 7. Until 1970, a year after Miss Charlotte died, the basketball game remained outdoors and it was the first (and for years, the only) Fox/Hound competition of each year.

The original Fox colors were blue and white, and the Hound colors were tan and white. Just as competitions were added to the Fox/Hound tradition over the years, so too were the teams’ colors augmented. The Foxes added pink, purple and silver, while the Hounds’ palate swelled to include brown, red, yellow, and orange.

At Foxcroft, everyone (including faculty) is named either a Fox or a Hound at a “Choosings” ceremony which occurs within the first few days of each school year. Legacies are carried down to subsequent generations so as to avoid creating a family divided against itself, but otherwise, the selection process is random. The key is that each student and every member of the Foxcroft community has the fun experience of belonging to a team, and the opportunity to show her spirit and support her teammates in the annual Battle for the Cup!

The Cup itself is a silver trophy with every score — 99 now — engraved upon it. It is currently in the hands of the Foxes, but that could change on Saturday, March 1, when the basketball rivalry is renewed for the 100th time. You can count on “Big Game” being extremely intense: the players will give it everything they can muster and the spectators will fill Leipheimer Gymnasium with so much noise that ear plugs offer faint relief. This year, you can also see the inaugural induction ceremony for Foxcroft’s new Sports Hall of Fame during halftime.

And when the game ends, the captains of the winning team will tie blue and white or red and brown ribbons on the Cup and lift it high in jubilation. Then both teams — not just the 14 girls who played but the whole student body, and alumnae, too — will sing some more songs, yell some cheers, and profess their love for one another. For Foxcroft girls, be they Foxes or be they Hounds, are first and foremost, always and forever, “True Friends Through to the End.”

As was written in the 1918 Tally-Ho!, "... the beautiful silver cup ... is to remain in Foxcroft forever and aye. The winning sides of former years have already been engraved on it, and those of future years shall also be written there.”

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