Subira K. ’25 and Mr. Cappacio are our April Everyday Heroes!

We are excited to share that Subira K. ’25 and STEM/Chorale teacher Sonny Cappacio are our April Everyday Heroes!

The campus community nominated employees and students who have been doing great things and living out our values in big and small ways during the month. The Everyday Hero Award Committee (Gracie R. ’24, Isabella W. ’24, Tashae' A. ’25, Kyla P. ’26, and faculty members Erika Page, Christine McCrehin, Lynnette Saunders, Dr. Tanya Hyatt, Dr. Whittney Preston, and Cathy McGehee) received a multitude of nominations and the announcement of winners at Morning Meeting was met with much cheering and applause.
Before revealing Subira as the student winner, Student Head of School Gracie R. and Junior Class President Tashae’ A. shared quotes from the nominations.

One freshman wrote, “I used to ride with this student and had most of my lessons with her. She was always so positive, giving motivation and lifting my spirits with a kind word after a not-so-good round. Even when things didn’t go her way, she would use what went wrong as a lesson for what to do in her next round. Even though we don’t see each other that much anymore, she always says 'hi' whenever I see her and asks about riding and the horse I lease. She always has something nice to say and it’s a joy to talk to her.”

A member of the Junior Class wrote, “She never fails to hype people up and make them smile. Even when the day isn't going in her favor she still goes above and beyond to make others feel optimistic and happy.”
This quality is especially impressive because she herself has had some tough breaks this year, literally.  “At the beginning of the soccer season, she broke her foot, resulting in her being out for the rest of the season.
Instead of being bummed and upset about it, she made the most of it. She sits and cheers people on during practice and games, not only for her team but also for Varsity Soccer. Her presence in the community is not overlooked and she is a true representation of an all-day every day ‘hype buddy’.”

Her teachers also note her spirit. One faculty member wrote, “During jam’s recent Morning Meeting performance, one voice in particular rose above the crowd, echoing with encouragement and enthusiasm. Her love for the play was evident as she attended not once, but twice, a testament to her genuine passion for supporting her peers in their endeavors.”

In the classroom, her teachers see her as a discussion leader. “Her sense of humor and ability to ask tough questions helps everyone in class,” one teacher writes. “In my two years knowing this student, I have witnessed her remarkable growth and leadership, in and out of the classroom. Her ability to uplift and support her classmates, regardless of the circumstances, makes her an everyday hero.” Congratulations to Subira K. ’25, our student Everyday Hero! 

Head of School Cathy McGehee also shared reflections from nominations before announcing Mr. Cappacio as the employee winner.

One student wrote, “This teacher deserves this award without a doubt because he makes everything better. He’s my geometry, choir, and Mainstage teacher, and I couldn’t be happier to have the chance to have him in all these classes. He’s really patient, he will repeat the things over and over again until he makes sure that you have understood it, and he will never make you feel like your questions are stupid or too obvious. Every time I struggle with a song, he cheers me up and supports me until I get it. Even if it’s a three word solo, he will try to make it as comfortable as possible for every person. Choir is always really fun with his jokes and fun facts about music. He also always has a smile on his face that brightens up your day.”

“Mr. C is my favorite dorm parent because he is always in a good mood,” writes another student. “He will always listen to my long lists of why my day was amazing or awful. He is also so much fun in Chorale, making it an enjoyable thing. I praise him for sticking with us learning and perfecting 'Those Canaan Days' in Joseph and all of the other music.”

A common theme is this teacher’s patience and kindness. As another student says, “He puts up with our endless questions and mood swings, helps us become better singers and musicians, and sometimes graces us with his amazing impressions. He elevates the music program with his passion and skill, and he and Ms. Everett make the perfect ray of sunshine.” Congratulations to Mr. Cappacio, our employee Everyday Hero!
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