Lauren G. ’26 and Ms. Antila are our January/February Everyday Heroes!

We are excited to share that Lauren G. ’26 and Director of the Learning Center Regan Antila are our January/February Everyday Heroes!

The campus community nominated employees and students who have been doing great things and living out our values in big and small ways during the month. The Everyday Hero Award Committee (Gracie R. ’24, Isabella W. ’24, Tashae' A. ’25, Kyla P. ’26, and faculty members Erika Page, Christine McCrehin, Lynnette Saunders, Dr. Tanya Hyatt, Dr. Whittney Preston, and Cathy McGehee) received a multitude of nominations and the announcement of winners at Morning Meeting was met with much cheering and applause.
Before revealing Lauren as the student winner, Junior Class President Tashae’ A. and Sophomore Class President Kyla P. shared quotes from the nominations.

One faculty wrote, “This student has been an integral part of managing the Varsity Basketball Team. She's learned how to keep our stats book and often will review the tape to gather additional stats not captured during a game. Consistently, she shows up with a positive and can-do attitude.”

Furthermore, “Outside of basketball, it has been a joy getting to know her. One of my favorite weekends on duty this year, I took her and another student to an Open Mic in DC. She got up in front of the small room and performed not one but two poems. She was nervous in the new environment but pushed through and ultimately made the most of her experience. The MC praised her for the quality of her writing.”

“This student excels in all of her classes,” according to another one of her teachers, “but she has been particularly successful in technical theater. She recently designed and programmed the light plot for The Hamilton Conspiracies — by herself. Although the task was difficult, and she struggled at times, she persevered, and in the end, her lighting was part of what made the play a theatrical experience. She is also incredibly dependable and totally walks the walk.”

This walking the walk is reinforced by her peers. According to one student who nominated her, “This student always allows people into her room. She is so kind, and if you ever need someone to talk to or give a hug, she is always there for you if you need it.” Congratulations to Lauren Graham, our student Everyday Hero! 

Head of School Cathy McGehee also shared reflections from nominations before announcing Ms. Antila as the employee winner.

One student wrote, “Over Wintermission, I was looking over my grades and became very stressed over them. I ended up emailing this teacher for help on what I should do. She made time to meet with me the next morning to go over what happened and how to get the grade back up. She has done so many things for me, and I think she deserves this award so others can recognize that she does so much for all of us. As I have told her, she is my everyday hero.”

“She is incredibly in touch with the needs of our students and cares so much,” wrote a colleague. “She is to the point and direct about supporting everyone and never letting anyone be forgotten. She is HILARIOUS and brings laughs daily. Her work supporting our students is wonderful to see in the dorm during study hall when they talk about the amazing tools she has given them to help them succeed. She deserves to be recognized every day but asks for no recognition, just effort from her students to work hard. She is an incredible teacher and co-worker.”

Mrs. McGehee closed with, "This teacher truly lives our educational philosophy of 'every student is known and valued.' Whether she’s reading admissions files, meeting with focus groups and the student support team, driving winter tennis to practice in the evening, or regaling all of us about reality TV shows, she makes a true difference at Foxcroft." Congratulations to Ms. Antila, our employee Everyday Hero! 
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