Leadership Day Offers Inspirational Speakers and Skill-Building Workshops

Last Friday, October 13, Head of School Cathy McGehee kicked off Leadership Day with an interesting and informative presentation on Miss Charlotte’s vision for Foxcroft. Beginning with some fun facts about Miss Charlotte’s childhood, including that she generally disliked school, finding it boring, and having no interest in classes or studies, Mrs. McGehee cited Miss Charlotte's inspiration for opening Foxcroft — “School ought to be fun, study can be made interesting," she reportedly said — and so the School opened in 1914.
As Mrs. McGehee shared, “Miss Charlotte’s educational philosophy was formed by her early experiences and her own passions. She created a school for girls based on a philosophy of learning and a set of values that was ahead of her time. Research today has upheld many of her views as best practice. Further, she was among women who founded schools for girls that helped to transform the culture and expectations for what women could accomplish during a time when society didn’t hold high expectations for them other than marriage and motherhood."

These sentiments about our forward-thinking founder were the perfect segue into the morning workshops, including one for sophomores and juniors on “Unlocking Leadership Potential: Thriving as a College Leader,” offered by Meredith McDevitt and Emily Anne Godbold, graduates of Clemson University’s Women’s Leadership Program, as well as sessions focused on leadership styles, conflict navigation, time management, and cross-cultural competencies. 

Between the morning and afternoon workshops, McDevitt and Godbold spoke to the entire school about “Empowering Excellence: Clemson’s Women’s Leadership Program” during their keynote address. Students then spent the afternoon in workshops focused on team building, communication skills, and more.

Freshman Natasha H. summed up the day beautifully, sharing, "When signing up for Leadership Day classes, I underestimated how impactful they would be and how much I would really learn. I found out about all of the pieces and moving parts of leadership — the little details were so much more important than I realized — and the guest speakers truly inspired me with what they had to say about empowering women. I hope one day I can come back to Foxcroft and be a guest speaker for the next generation of strong young women."
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