Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month Culminates with Program and Banquet

From Spanish Club Head Ariana A. ’26

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Spanish Club and Foxcroft community celebrated this year's theme “Deja tu Huella” (leave your mark), which was spoken about by the Spanish Club members. Many students spoke about those who have left a mark on them and how they will leave their mark on their community while explaining what the theme is truly about. The speeches were followed by an amazing Mexican dance known as “Balie Folklorico.” The performance was given by a dance group that was brought to perform by the mother of Samantha S. ‘27. Many thanks to her and the beautiful dancers!
Following are some student reflections on the evening: 

“This year’s banquet was something I looked forward to since last year’s banquet, which left an impact on me. I learned so much about my community, and it was fun to spread a message to the Foxcroft community. I loved receiving cheerful feedback on how others felt about the event; it encouraged me to use my voice to leave my mark. I can’t wait to continue spreading a positive impact throughout my years at Foxcroft!” – Ariana A. ‘26

“The Hispanic Heritage Month Banquet was a huge success! I had so much fun, and it was such a great experience. Everyone who performed at the banquet did amazing! Planning the banquet was very fun, with all our ideas and excitement leading up to it. It was a great learning experience for me and everyone in the Foxcroft community. I am so glad that my last Hispanic Heritage Month banquet was a success and will miss it next year, but know it will continue to be great!” – Kylie O. ‘24

"The Hispanic Heritage Month Banquet this year had a beautiful blend of phenomenal performances and impactful speeches. The event was a great way to bring students together from various Hispanic and Latinx backgrounds to share and express their culture, along with students from other backgrounds to join the festivities and learn new things. I am so proud that I got to be involved in the behind-the-scenes of this experience, as it strengthened my bond with my club and club leaders and gave me a group of people to relate to and be comfortable with. I hope this year's theme, 'Deja tu Huella,' leaves a special place in people's hearts, and I can't wait to see what next year's theme and banquet bring!" - Raquel L. '25

We appreciate and thank those who helped make the celebration for this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month – Sra. Riestra, Dr. Hyatt, Dr. Preston, Kylie O. ‘24, AM C. ‘25, Raquel L. ‘25, Samantha S. ‘27, Elise L. ‘26, Ariana A. ‘26, maintenance, and faculty.
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