Creating a 3D Printing Program at Foxcroft

From Director of STEAM Education and STEM Department Chair Katie Hergenreder

I was thrilled to be awarded a Kenan Grant to develop a 3D Printing program at Foxcroft. There is something truly special about 3D Printing, where students can conceptualize their designs and bring them to life using technology. The excitement of students pulling their prints off the print bed is contagious, particularly when they share their creations with others. I wanted to create a class grounded in Service Learning that could harness this enthusiasm and apply it in service to the broader community.
3D Printing lives in the intersection of Science, Technology, and Arts. The two major projects of this class focus on applying those skills to serve the larger community. First, students learned how to 3D print splints and braces to ship to Ukrainian Citizens injured in the current crisis. While researching the current war and how it impacts individuals, students had the opportunity to talk to a Ukrainian Citizen to learn about the challenges her family faces. Motivated by understanding the impact of their work, students produced 60 braces to ship to Ukraine. 

In our next project, students will learn to 3D Print and assemble prosthetic hands for individuals with upper limb differences. Students will learn how these devices, designed by e-NABLE, can be personalized to individual recipients and used as an empowering tool that is more readily available than traditional medical devices.

I am so excited to see how this class will grow from here, as the possibilities are truly endless!
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