Celebrating Our Global Connections

Last Friday evening, the International Gala and Bazaar capped off a wonderful week celebrating different cultures from across the world. As participants took to the stage dancing, singing, and more, students and faculty alike gained a deeper appreciation of the global connections within our community — and the applause and cheers that echoed out of FoxHound Auditorium showed just how meaningful those connections are.
Among the performers, there was a clear sense of pride in sharing an authentic part of their culture with the Foxcroft community. Songs included “One Wish” by Jay J. ’24; “Mediterranean Mashup” by sisters Vassiliki M. ’23 and Penelope M. ’25; “Always Online” by Lynn Z. ’23 and Emily W. ’23; “Einmal Um Die Welt” by Oli W. ’23 and Philippa P. ’25; “Shen Yuan Wai” with vocals by Bella F. ’24 and Lynn Z. ’23 and dance by Hailey Y. ’25 and Priscilla C. ’26; “La Llorona” by Mary J. ’23 and Moriah F. ’24; a dance choreographed to “Future Perfect” performed by Hailey Y. ’25; “Copines” by Leyla A. ’23, Louann S. ’23, and Kate G. ’26; “Lucía” by Sra. Sánchez; and a dance to “Shutdown” by Rhythm Nation to close the show. A video of each performance is available in the attached gallery.

Immediately after the Gala, stations throughout Schoolhouse provided opportunities for deeper learning. A Spicy Food Challenge right outside FoxHound Auditorium left brave souls with spicy flavors from across the globe in their mouths, while an M&M Chopstick Challenge tested one’s ability to deftly use chopsticks and earn the highest record for moving the tiny candies. In the Art Room, students could choose a name and write it with Chinese characters, grabbing a snack of international treats in the lounge before beginning their work. An International Dance Workshop introduced various dance techniques led by experts in our community, and upstairs, students tested their knowledge in a flag-matching activity and a “Geo Bee” Kahoot — congrats to freshman Bracha W. ’26 for earning the top score!

Many thanks to all who contributed to this weeklong celebration of the diverse cultures in our community. Special shoutouts go to the Global Cultures Club leaders Lexi H. ’23, Manabi K. ’25, and AM C. ’25, and International Ambassadors Heads Leyla A. ’23, Mary J. ’23, and Bella F. ’24; to Gala emcees Leyla and MJ; to faculty members Kate Tomaskovic, Stephanie Young ’00, Esther Sánchez, Megan Barrett, Whittney Preston, and Karin Thorndike; to Jill Attanasio and the entire Dining Hall staff; and to everyone who tried something new this week — be it a food, dance or a language — and embraced the unique opportunity to learn more about the international connections woven into the tapestry of the Foxcroft community.
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