Celebrating at the Lunar New Year Banquet

By Priscilla C. ’26
Foxcroft is a diverse and inclusive community, and it is precisely because of this that students from different cultural backgrounds around the world are encouraged to share and display their culture proudly. Culture is the foundation of human wisdom and creativity. As students at Foxcroft, we are more exposed to some new elements; in fact, we are breaking our inherent life and thinking patterns, injecting "new energy" and bringing new thinking and creativity.
This past Monday, Foxcroft held a Lunar New Year Banquet. As the planner and host of the event, I felt the support of the whole School in the process of preparing this dinner (the help of the School, teachers, and classmates). As a Chinese student, I am very proud of my culture and nation, and by hosting the banquet I hoped to inspire more people to understand that the meaning of the New Year is not only the external joy but also the expectation of life and the courage to start again. The importance of the New Year lies in its cultural attributes. It is not just a change of time, but a new expectation, a new plan for things, and a new start! 

There are many festivals in a year, but none can shake the status of the New Year in people's hearts. The times are changing, but people's desire for the warmth of home remains the same. Many thanks to all the students and teachers who helped with this year’s Lunar New Year banquet, especially Ms. Tomaskovic, Ms. Hall, Ms. Thorndike, Mrs. Ross, Ms. Alexander, Ms. Campbell, Ms. Preston, Mr. Northrup, and Mrs. McGehee, as well as Hailey Y. ’25, Emily W. ’25, Bella F. ’24, Lynn C. ’23, Anna Y. ’23, Zoe S. ’25, Eunice W. ’25, Jessie L. ’26, and Julia L. ’26, and our wonderful Dining Hall staff!

A good school is the cradle of greatness, just like Foxcroft.
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