Wintermission in the Forecast for Next Week!

Instead of snowflakes and cold temperatures, next week’s forecast is calling for engaging classes and inspiring internships — it’s Wintermission! In addition to a selection of courses offering unique learning experiences, students can engage in other fun activities like recess and wellness periods, as well as a couple of evening activities.
The wellness period each morning will offer a variety of options including Zumba with alumna Melissa Lopez ’00 (Raquel ’25), meditation with Ann Thomas (Clare ’22), Yoga with Terry Meyer P ’08 & ’11, conditioning with Coach Woodruff, weight lifting with Mr. McCarty, Dance with Ms. Simmons, and Campus Hikes with various chaperones. Recess, a perpetual student favorite, will be offered again this year with a facilitated activity each day, including old school playground games (jacks, marbles, cats cradle), Ping Pong, Dodgeball, and Shipwreck.

Evening event highlights include:
Monday: 80s Party, includes making puffy paint shirts and an 80s movie!
Wednesday: Death by Chocolate, co-sponsored by the Wintermission Committee and Athletic Association

Check out the course descriptions and internships. We hope that you’ll ask your daughter about her Wintermission courses as they get underway on Monday, January 31! Following are a few highlighted events:

Cacti Don’t Succulent — Dr. Sweeney 
In this class, students will learn about the hardy and easy-to-maintain plant variety known as succulents. We will learn the basics of what they are, how to care for them, and how to propagate them to grow more. Students will explore the biodiversity of succulents and develop ideas to create more substantial displays and gardens. At the end of the class, students will leave with a succulent plant for their dorm. 

Self Defense — Dr. Mueller 
In this class, students will spend four hours a day learning the basics of self-defense and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Students will learn how to be aware of their surroundings, as well as simple techniques for how to fall and stand up safely. In addition, students will learn to defend themselves should they be attacked. Brazilian jiu-jitsu provides safe and reliable methods for people of all sizes to defend themselves against a variety of attackers. 

Survive in the Wild — Mr. Dombrowski & Dr. Tuttle 
Are you confident that you know what to do when the unthinkable happens? Can you take everyday items and use them to get yourself out of a situation in the wilderness? Come join our class, where we’ll focus on hands-on skill-building. Every day will be different — participants will enjoy all the outdoors have to offer and learn valuable, lifesaving skills! 

Spill and Chill: The Art of Acrylic Pouring — Ms. Thorndike 
Students will learn the art of Acrylic Pouring and will create a flat piece, spun piece, and a mini-tower using acrylic paints. 

Upcycling 101 — Dr. Anderson 
Students will gain skills and experience in upcycling, giving old or unwanted objects a new life. They will learn several different painting techniques, which they can practice on sample boards. Then students will complete a small project to practice these skills.
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