Sharing Static Electricity Magic Tricks with Banneker Elementary Students

From Kristine Varney, Director of STEM Education

For their final project, physics students were asked to demonstrate their understanding of static electricity. Using their knowledge of physics, students were asked to make a video demonstrating a static electricity magic trick then explain to the viewers both how to do the trick at home as well as the physics behind it. We definitely have some future YouTube and TikTok stars in our midst!
The videos and materials have been shared with Banneker Elementary students so they can complete the tricks on their own — we encourage you to try them at home, too!

Magical Moving Can
By Madison B. ’24, Lauren D. ’22, and Moriah F. ’24

Balloon Dance Party
By Ashleigh H. ’23  and Emma L. ’24

Bubble Magic Show
By Liv A. ’22, Sarah F. ’24, and Sierra J. ’22

Making Sugar Dance
By Ava A. ’24, Mackenzie J. ’24,  Elizabeth V. ’24, and Isabella W. ’24

Trick for Washing Dishes
By Irene B. ’24, Alexa C. ’23, Ashley J. ’24, Sofia R. ’24, and Mimi W. ’24

UFO Magic
By Kennedy C. ’24, Olivia “Liv” C. ’24, and Caroline M. ’21

Spoon Static
By Caroline C. ’24, Marley F. ’24, Claire M. ’24, and Juliana R. ’24,

Water Bender
By Eva Bret C. ’24

Hovering Plates
By Lexi C. ’24

Salt & Pepper Magic
By Heidi D. ’23, Sienna H. ’24, and Emili R. ’24

Crazy Hair 
By Addie D. ’24, Alex N. ’24, and Emmy Q. ’24

Well done, girls! What a wonderful way to combine service to the community with your own learning.
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