A Week-Long Celebration of the Arts

By Julie Fisher, Digital Arts Instructor and Festival Organizer

In a year that has been more difficult than most, we have all been reminded of the simpler joys in life that helped us keep going. How would any of us have survived the pandemic without that favorite TV show, that song station we always had playing, or even that photo of a friend or loved one we were separated from for far too long? The arts are all around us and we cannot forget the important place they hold in our society and in our hearts.
This year’s Arts Week was designed to immerse the community in creative expression. Each day was packed with student exhibitions and performances, student-led workshops and artist talks, and even arts-related community service. Everyone involved gained both new skills and a new appreciation for a variety of art forms within the visual and performing arts fields. 

Arts Week was met with enormous enthusiasm, even in the planning stages. Dozens of students stepped into leading roles to prepare and promote the wide range of activities offered. Students were also passionate about volunteering for service projects that not only benefited Foxcroft but our neighboring Banneker Elementary School. It was incredibly fulfilling to see the life and energy that echoed throughout Schoolhouse and beyond in celebration of the arts.

Some reflections on the week:

“I thought it was great to look at my peers’ artwork. All the art made Schoolhouse feel like it was a place where students expressed themselves. I also had a great time running a workshop. The students were open to try new things and also experiment with the art on their own.” – Liliana G. '21

“I enjoyed how Ms. Means tied her experience growing as an artist to life in general. I also liked having a Foxcroft alum. Having a vocal/performing artist like Ms. Fowlin was fun and an interesting perspective, and I loved hearing her perform!” – Bianca M. '21

"I was excited to see the video recordings of the students playing their instruments. When we can return to in-person activities, I think it is great to include the instrumental recital in Arts Week. The addition of student-led workshops as well as all the other workshops made the week really fantastic! I thought there were a lot of great options during the week. The enhanced program is great!!" – Abby Pheiffer
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