Nothing Can Stop You Except Yourself

Last Saturday, Michele Fowlin, Artistic Director for the Washington Performing Arts’ Children of the Gospel Choir, spoke with the Foxcroft community as one of two virtual visiting artists during the final day of Arts Week.
She began by singing a beautifully moving spiritual “Ain't Got Time to Die” written by Hall Johnson explaining, “This is my motto; so that I know that my time here in this earthly realm will be over when I have accomplished what the Creator has set out for me to do.” 

From there, Fowlin walked the community through her love of music. How she discovered the piano at a very young age and was accepted to a special program for promising young artists at Juilliard, but declined the invitation. “I didn't go because I saw another level of competition that intimidated me,” she shares. But with the encouragement of her family, she kept playing piano and exploring other areas of music, eventually attending Howard University where she studied voice and later discovered her true purpose: teaching. 

“When we pursue our purpose, the provisions follow. That's for you, young people,” she advised. “When you pursue your purpose, the provisions follow because your mind is already so driven and your heart is in the right space. You've got to go into the resources of your being and dig deep. Dig deep. What do I love? Write it down. How do I like to inspire? How do I like to be inspired?”

“Decide it, see it, write it down, talk about it, and then move in that direction,” she concluded. “Nothing can stop you except yourself.” 
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