International Ambassadors Address Anti-Asian Hate Crimes during Morning Meeting

By Julia C. ’21 International Ambassadors Head and Senior Class President

As part of the Global News presentation by Foxcroft's International Ambassadors during Morning Meeting this morning, senior Julia C. offered the following information to our community regarding the increase in recent and ongoing anti-Asian hate crimes.
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, anti-Asian hate crimes have continued to rise worldwide. The United Kingdom reports a 300% increase in crimes against East and Southeast Asians in 2020 compared to previous years. Cities like New York, where the gap between the wealthiest Asians and poorest Asians is the largest of any racial group, report a 1900% increase in hate crimes towards Asians. 

In addition to the six women murdered in Atlanta, there have been numerous other attacks, including two particularly grievous assaults in New York — a Filipino man slashed across the face with a knife and a Japanese pianist who was beaten to the point where he can no longer play the piano. In Los Angeles, a driver drove through a group protesting anti-Asian racism while yelling profanities about China as well as racial slurs. 

Unfortunately, a big misconception is that racism against Asians only began with the spread of COVID or that anti-Asian racism isn’t legitimate. Such falsehoods are usually perpetuated by stereotypes like the model minority myth.

I encourage you all to educate yourselves and speak out when you see or hear racism of any kind. Students, don’t let the burden of education fall on your Asian friends because chances are they are extremely exhausted and it isn’t their responsibility. 
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