Junior Class to Fundraise for The Chesapeake Bay Foundation as Class Project

By Junior Class President Amelia F., Vice President Clare T., and Representative Lillian W. 

The Junior Class has chosen to collaborate with and fundraise for The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) as our class philanthropy project. With their motto and rallying cry “Save the Bay,” CBF works to decrease pollution and improve conditions for the animals and plant life living in the bay.
Our Class chose CBF because of our personal connection to the organization’s mission and because of Foxcroft's direct connection to the Chesapeake Bay. Not only is a majority of Virginia part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, but Goose Creek, which indirectly drains into the bay, runs right through Foxcroft campus! As contributors to the health of the bay, we believe that it is our duty to protect and be part of the solution towards a cleaner bay. 

Over this past school year, the Junior Class has been working hard brainstorming ways to adapt our philanthropy project to accommodate COVID-19 protocols. It has been difficult trying to raise an amount of money equivalent to what has been made in the past and to stay engaged because of hybrid learning, but our Class has still maintained our original passion and enthusiasm for the project. We look forward to hosting fundraisers and other events as soon as we can and hope you all consider making a contribution. 

To support the Junior Class fundraiser for The Chesapeake Bay Foundation visit: 
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