Foxcroft Lacrosse Team in Competition

The Foxcroft Lacrosse team and Coach Laura Moan have found a way to keep up their exercise regimen — and stay competitive. When Foxcroft first extended Spring Break in response to COVID-19 back in early March, Coach Moan emailed her team an exercise program with a variety of agility, speed, and strength options. While the teams typically receive workout and conditioning plans before the start of the school year in the fall and over long breaks, this plan was unique in that points were assigned to each exercise.
For example, one exercise — Wall-Ball — is worth ten points. The girls have to use a wall and practice a specific toss and catch or cradle. Each exercise repeats 50-75 times depending on the level of difficulty, which also affects the points. If Wall-Ball is not appealing that particular day, there are other options including ladder sprints, various agility drills, or endurance running. 
Each of the four team captains — seniors Allie M., Janie W., Abby A., and Larisa B. — has three to four other teammates on her points team. The captains are responsible for recording and reporting their weekly points to Coach Moan. How they do so is completely up to them and helps grow their leadership and management skills. Some teams use a spreadsheet, while others send pictures along with point reports at the end of the week.
This pairs perfectly with the team’s philosophy for the season: lean into your strengths. The girls can pick the exercises they want to do, and complete as many as they like in a week. During some weeks there is a surprise bonus exercise determined by Coach Moan, like jumping rope: each minute earns five points. Athletes can also earn an extra ten points by attending three tutorials in a week. The competition intensifies even more on originally scheduled game days, because all points are worth double.
When team members are not able to participate due to illness or have difficulty finding time because of major school projects, Coach Moan is careful to factor in the number of participants when calculating the winning team. So far, the teams have been going back and forth on winning each week. 

Prizes for the winning teams are all digital gift cards sent by email and range from Starbucks to Chick-fil-A and Amazon. One week Janie and her team absolutely crushed it and earned 1,989 points! They had a group chat where they motivated each other and sent “sweaty pics” to inspire their teammates. Regardless of which teams win or lose, Coach Moan’s point system is keeping all of the players moving and motivated.

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