A Love of Lifelong Learning

“Life is not a holiday, but an education, and every day we have hundreds of chances to make ourselves better.” — Miss Charlotte

Yesterday we celebrated Foxcroft’s Day of Learning, and we’ve discovered so much about what the Foxcroft community is doing to keep their brains stimulated and busy during their found time!
Nathalie Mould, mom of Cecilia ’22, shared a recipe and step-by-step instructions for making the best baguette at home for everyone who wants to do more baking. Emily Eckstein ’00 is one – she shared that she plans to learn to bake a cake in answer to Foxcroft’s Instagram question “What will you learn next?” Savannah Hamilton ’18 is using this time to take an online art class, and current student Jennifer C. ’21 is teaching herself to play the drums! 

Maeve M. ’22 made a video as part of a physics assignment that explains static electricity in a fun, Bill-Nye kind of way, and we learned all kinds of fun animal facts from knowledgeable alumnae in answer to the Instagram question, “What is your favorite animal fact?” Did you know that snails can sleep for up to three years or that male seahorses give birth? You do now. Margarite Szamborski Pastor ’09 and Sherfehnaz Khan-Weber ’05 shared these fun facts, respectively! 

And finally, in an unexpected and dynamic teaching moment, faculty member Marett Rose called fellow faculty member and beekeeper Terry Meyer to learn how to safely capture and relocate a swarm of bees that were gathered in the road! Luckily, with the Foxcroft hives on campus and the Foxcroft Beekeeping Club recently sending out “spot the queen” challenge photos, Marett knew exactly what the swarm meant, and worked quickly to rehome the bees before nightfall and the rain. An exhilarating end to an amazing Day of Learning!

Be sure to check out all the other stories from our Day of Learning and follow Foxcroft on social media so you don’t miss the upcoming Day of Wellness on Thursday, May 7, followed by the final, cumulative Day of Celebration on Tuesday, May 12.  

So many of you have reached out with words of kindness and encouragement which continue to fill our hearts with warmth and gratitude. Several have also asked how you can help the School during this trying time. If you are in a position to help, please know that a gift to The Foxcroft Circle directly supports the people who teach and advise, who support our academic mission and program in their work outside the classroom, and who care for our 500-acre campus and buildings.
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