Rediscovery and Finding Balance

Daryl Ziegler Henning ’75
Now that most of us are confined to our homes with more free time than we ever imagined, there is ample opportunity to discover a hobby, take an online class, or start a new book. While quarantine is a good time to learn new skills, Daryl Ziegler Henning ’75 is finding that it is also the perfect time to brush up on some old ones. Daryl says, because of her new-found time, she has finally begun to enjoy cooking. “I've never thought cooking for one was worth the time or effort,” she admitted, but now she cooks almost everyday for a friend and her husband, who recently recovered from cancer. Going to the store is quite the ordeal considering Daryl is still nursing a broken femur and tibia, but she says the effort has been worth it. “Every night I have been cooking a full dinner, oftentimes with a homemade dessert!”

In addition to taking on cooking and maintaining physical therapy to get her leg back in shape, Daryl says she has been increasing her knowledge of Spanish and reviewing materials from her Masters in Divinity which she completed at Chicago Theological Seminary. “Like anything,” she says, “when you don't use something, you tend to lose it, so I am rereading a bunch of stuff.” Between all of these activities and working hard to regain her strength to walk again, Daryl is certainly making the most of her time at home and like all Foxcroft women, continues to persevere and learn.
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