Wintermission Reflections

Last Friday saw the completion of another invigorating and engaging Wintermission term. Employing the theme “I Wonder...”, Wintermission planners asked students “Have you ever begun a thought with “I wonder?” — “I wonder what it was like to cook before we had ovens...”, “I wonder how feminism has changed since my grandmother was my age...”, “I wonder if I could learn Jiu-Jitsu...” — ultimately posing the question “Will you let yourself wonder this Wintermission?”
Diving enthusiastically into these new experiences, there was a more playful and relaxed feeling around campus during Wintermission as the girls went about exploring the topics they wondered about. And based on their reflections, many were impressed and even a bit surprised by what they learned. 
From the practical, “I learned how to patch drywall, change a tire, replace a window screen, and self-defense,” to the physical “I loved Zumba more than I thought I would. And it hurt more than I thought it would,” to the more thoughtful “I learned about privilege, especially when we went to the Mobile Hope homeless shelter. It really showed me, again, how lucky I am, not having to deal with these huge problems from such a young age. It was a very humbling experience and I'm glad to have had the opportunity of supporting such an important organization led by such incredibly dedicated people.” Each girl seemed to find value in her experiences.
Many of the student comments about Wintermission reflected an appreciation for the freedom to pursue things that interested them and the ability to work at their own pace. They also enjoyed the hands-on nature of the majority of courses offered, the value of collaborating with others, and problem-solving on their own, all of which seemed to result in heightened feelings of engagement and personal accomplishment.

As one student wrote in a particularly articulate and encompassing reflection that seemed to sum up the week, “I learned the value of saving your money while you are young, buying low to sell high, soft hands while painting, and friendship.” 

Many thanks to all who were involved in the week, especially Wintermission Committee members Anne Mueller, PhD, Beth O’Quinn, and Josie Ross.
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