Lending Our Light to a "Night to Shine"

by Hays T. ’21

This past Friday, Foxcroft Christian Fellowship (FCF) hosted an off-campus service trip to a "Night to Shine," a prom for people with special needs. Celebrating its sixth anniversary this year, these events are hosted by the Tim Tebow Foundation all over the world in 721 churches across 34 countries inviting 115,000 honored guests with the support of 215,000 volunteers (www.timtebowfoundation.org)!
I am the head of FCF and have volunteered at our local "Night to Shine" since my freshman year, and wanted to continue going to this amazing event. There was a lot of planning involved since volunteers started signing up in October. We had a total of twelve student volunteers — Anna B. ’21, Mackenzie W. ’21, Carleigh L. ’22, Jess W. ’22, Holland B. ’23, McKenna D. ’23, Caelyn L. ’23, Maya M. ’23, Winley T. ’23, Elisabeth W. ’23, Olivia W. ’23, and myself. Each girl volunteered with different teams contributing to the event including karaoke, being a buddy, dance team, registration, coat check, paparazzi, makeup and hair, and much more.

On Tuesday night, three days prior to the event, we attended a training session. We met with our team and discussed what to expect for the big day. When Friday was here, we arrived at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, where Leesburg Nazarene Church hosted the event, at 4 pm. The honored guests would show up two hours later, but there was much to do to prepare!

As soon as the guests arrived they went to meet their buddy, a volunteer, who would stay with them the whole night. Then off to makeup and hair to finish their final touches before they walked down the red carpet. People cheered them on along the carpet, which led to the photographer station where they got their pictures taken by all the “paparazzi.” Then they had dinner with their buddy.

While the buddies and guests ate, some of the volunteers tested out the karaoke machine — a few Foxcroft students sang Justine Bieber and Taylor Swift songs! The dance floor and karaoke were now open to the guests; it was so amazing to watch them sing their hearts out or dance like no one was watching. Most of Foxcroft students watched karaoke and cheered on or danced with the guests on the dance floor.

At the end of the night, everyone is crowned king or queen of the prom. As Tim Tebow puts it, that is how everyone is viewed in the eyes of God. This was such a rewarding experience, and I hope that in the future Foxcroft students will always volunteer at the event.
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