Gearing Up for Wintermission Next Week

Everyone is looking forward to next week and the unique learning experiences that Wintermission offers! In addition to engaging on-campus classes and inspiring local internships, we have a group of students heading to New York City and Philadelphia on the "American Experience" trip. You can follow their adventures on our travel blog, Where's Foxcroft?
Evening event highlights on campus include:
  • Monday: Class Chills
  • Tuesday: Biscuit Baking hosted by Cooking Club
  • Wednesday: Death by Chocolate hosted by Athletic Association
  • Thursday: Bingo! hosted by the Wintermission Committee; The Moth Story Hour
  • Friday: A Night to Shine hosted by Foxcroft Christian Fellowship
Recently we shared the complete list of course descriptions; this week we are highlighting a few for you. We hope that you'll ask your daughter about her Wintermission courses as they get underway on February 3!

Service Sampler — Ms. O’Quinn
Are you interested in learning more about the opportunities for service in our area? Are you curious how a nonprofit is established and how it is run? Join your fellow classmates as we explore the opportunities to work with five dynamic local organizations that are helping to answer the needs of our community. Students will work with Dulles South Food Pantry, Sprout Therapeutic Riding, Blue Ridge Wildlife, Middleburg Humane, and Mobile Hope Loudoun — as well as in the Foxcroft Garden on campus.

Brushless: Painting for Non-Conformists — Ms. Thorndike & Ms. Bethany
In this class, we will be creating works of art using acrylic paint and canvas board. However, instead of learning traditional techniques using brushes, we will be exploring other ways of getting the paint onto the canvas. Some of the techniques students will learn will be pouring, scraping, smudging, and scrumbling to name a few. All of these methods are unconventional ways to create art and students will be working on several individual works as well as one large-scale group piece.

Financial Literacy: Buy Low. Sell High — Mr. Scharfenberg
Students will be given an overview of the financial markets, products, and strategies while exploring stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and investment strategies. The class will look at how to evaluate investment opportunities and will engage in stock market simulations.

Javascript Crash Course — Mr. Hales
JavaScript is a high-level and accessible programming language that is in high demand for web developers. When combined with HTML (for structure) and CSS (for style), JavaScript enables the interactivity that drives web pages like Instagram, Gmail, and Amazon. Students will learn fundamental JavaScript programming concepts such as variables, functions, conditional statements, and loops, while using these to build their own interactive web page.
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