Foxcroft Thespians Bring Drama to FoxHound Stage with “The Lottery”

Last Friday evening, a talented group of thespians from the Theater Production class brought tension and discourse to FoxHound Auditorium with their performance of “The Lottery.”
Based on a short play by Shirley Jackson and adapted for the stage by Brainerd Duffield, the one-act play is a serious piece that explores ideas such as communal violence, sexism, irony, and the dangers of blindly following tradition.

The cast acts out the story of a community coming together for the annual town lottery. While some townsfolk, including Old Man Warner (Elise L. ’22) who had already seen 76 lotteries, won’t stand for even the smallest changes in tradition, others, including Belva Summers (Jennifer C. ’21), are no longer on board. “Why if everybody wasn’t so scared of their neighbors,” she offered, “maybe we would give up a few heathen customs that don’t make sense anymore.” But the lottery carries on. When Joe Summers (Krissa T. ’20) runs through the process and the final draw is revealed, poor Tessie (Mimi S. ’20) is unwillingly sacrificed as this year’s lottery “winner” — and the impactful ending leaves everyone contemplative.

Following the performance, the cast and crew led a Q&A conversation to help process the powerful messages. The girls shared insight into their process for breaking down the themes and developing backstory to inform all their decisions, from getting into character to blocking.

And the work they put in certainly showed. Head of School Cathy McGehee remarked on the cast's ability to convey the play's messages. "The power of theater is that it helps us explore our humanity and how we treat one another. Our students showed deep learning and appreciation for the difficult themes in 'The Lottery.'"

“The Lottery” is a complex piece, no easy task to bring to the stage. Bravo to Director Karin Thorndike and to the entire cast and crew for their outstanding work!
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