The Sophomore Class Visits JK Community Farm

A Report from Sophomores Siena W. and Rose U. 

At 9:15 Saturday morning, the sophomore class headed about fifteen minutes outside of Foxcroft School grounds to JK Community Farm — a nonprofit which donates fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to people in need of these resources, including senior citizens and children. We ultimately chose to volunteer at this organization because it not only supports the community with fresh fruits and vegetables, but it also educates the county on sustainable gardening.
Once we arrived, Managing Farmer Mike Smith gave the Class a tour of the farm and through the green house, showing everyone the tremendous amount of produce they grow year round and explaining the nonprofit's mission. Mike also explained that this year’s freshman class planted a heaping amount of onions earlier in the year, which encouraged the sophomore class to plant as much as we possibly could.

After the tour we immediately got to work planting Swiss chard, beets, lettuce, and kale. We planted several rows of the leafy greens which will be harvested and become food for those in need in Northern Virginia. To ensure the quality of our planting, a few people in each group would inspect every plant hole to make sure it was completely covered with soil.

After we finished planting the kale and Swiss chard, we moved on to planting several rows of cabbage — a larger plant. The time passed quickly, as we accompanied our digging with several games of 20 questions, many jokes, laughs, and loud singing of country music.

While the feeling of satisfaction from having done something good for the community was tangible, we all also got Chick-Fil-A, which was an excellent addition to a long morning with unfamiliar insects, mud, and hard work. And even though we sprinted off the bus as soon as we arrived on campus to take a shower, we all enjoyed getting our hands dirty to plant vegetables.

We all felt truly fulfilled to have planted all of the vegetables that we knew would be used for a good cause and felt inspired to continue doing more for the community.
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