Animal Science at Piedmont Equine

A Report from Lilly R. ’22

On April 2, six classmates and I were able to hear Mark Crisman speak at the Piedmont Equine Center. Dr. Crisman talked about the core vaccines in horses (tetanus, EEE, and West Nile). We learned about the negative effects of each virus and why we treat our horses. Dr. Crisman included videos of horses who were sick and it was very eye-opening to all of us.
Dr. Crisman helped me and my classmates understand that vaccines are extremely important. Learning from the videos, we now know that if left untreated, all the viruses are fatal.

Dr. Crisman also spoke about the trials for these vaccines. A trial that stuck out to me was one conducted in Canada for the West Nile Virus. There were 800 horses in the trial and only 500 of the horses were vaccinated. All 500 that were vaccinated survived.

It was such an amazing experience getting to learn about equine vaccines.
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